17 thoughts on “SPICE IM ON THE FLOOR

  1. A dah u fi stay pon d floor get up an goh hustle an buy a bed atleast she try nothin noh wrong wid d clothes every bady wear it different plus meck si dem inna different type a material

  2. I think the color looks great on spice however because she’s shorter you can’t really see the beauty but they both look stunning in there own way

  3. Message to spice:

    Hair = fail

    Sunglasses = fail

    Shoe boots = fail

    Without the those, your double stripes would have worked #myopinion

  4. Shanzi is you send it in and the suit don’t look good but the color fits Spice. Is free you get this for from 2020 because you model for them. Idk why you a gwaan so bout the piece a Rayon linen weh can use wipe grung. Go ask Swaby fi money fi fix your teeth cause dem set like when old people a smile and dem dentures about to drop out

  5. Note to Spice, anything you see them IG Hotties wear first, dont wear it even if u did buy it and have it heng up in u closet. U gwine faava fool in it

  6. Spice hav on too many things with the outfit
    ..if she did tek off the chain and the bulky glasses it coulda gwaan still, nuh really inna di shoes but she nuh look bad…Spice need to learn simplicity!

  7. She doesn’t look bad as people behaving. She just needs to remove the necklace, the black bra and the glasses otherwise, she looks good.
    An if Spice a wear too much stripes den di gal beside her a wear too much checkers.

    Fair is fair. Both women looks good no need to diss up nuh one.

  8. Spice doesn’t look bad here at all. Unnu nuh like di gal because she has the complexion that your typical non-bleach Jamaican has which a rich darkskin. Jamaica is an island full of morons and bleachers who covet any and everything that looks Eurocentric and non-black. The only thing that looks off about her is the ghetto blue hair dye and the shades. She looks nice here unnu need to learn to love yuhself and stop embrace EVERYONE who doesn’t look like you.

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