1. Morning, you know macka still look the same…Just this big long time tuff woman. Spice look much cleaner in this pic comparing to the nowadays with the whole bunch of piercing.

    1. :ngakak morning
      yes maybe das when her heart did clean..she is really a pretty person though but it nuh come through when she put on her clothes now a days

  2. yu know seh spice look betta yasso….and it look like macka nah age….well I did not say a thing bout graceful …but macka nuh reallly change…………….lady saw mi nuh have nuh comment ………….and cecile…………….

  3. Morning Met, Morning Metters
    Suh Macka Diamond ugly long time? she come a long way cause she look 1,000,000 X better
    Spice looks good, complexion looks good, seems she f*ck herself up w/ the bleaching and tattoos + piercings (still can si badmind in her eyes dou)
    Cecile still looks the same to me, she looks good but still have di big rampuss head or puddu pan face.
    Lady saw looks good but better now, she’s aging quite gracefully
    No negativity here, all’s well

  4. Spice nearly look kinda innocent and sweet. Cecile looks the same with her round face. Saw looks the same.. She’s not the world’s prettiest but she’s not ugly. Well my dear Macka looks the same.. Same tough face. These pics aren’t that bad

  5. Spice nuh look too bad desso, Cecile look good from morning, lady-saw have a banging body and still a gwaan good, Macka nuff said?

  6. spice actually look like a human being before and cecile look good me na lie. a now spice fava duppy n cecile can tone it down a bit for she no ugly she have nice features minus d big head

  7. A wa day mi go a de restaurant de and see dem pon di wall a fame enuh….I was like these artistes really come a far way. dwl.

  8. Di comparison nuh fair. Saw did done a mek money desso.
    Mi memba when mi fuss si Saw before she buss….wooooiiiiieeeeee….. dat Sunday it r two service mi had was to attend, cause di fuss service mi kneel an pray fi har di whole time.

  9. Listen mi now Met….whe day mi see Saw wid luscious breastysiz mi couldn’t believe, cause di two VERY flat, an mi mean F-L-A-T, slippaz mi know Saw fi possess are gone. Plus di head neva use to weave out suh. Cokenut brush nain have nuttn pon Saw head top…..anyway…..Progress a mek and mi happy fi see how nice she start look cause a my female DJ dat. Pryaz do get answered and my Faith remains strong. Amen.

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