Is a video of her playing football with her son, my problem is her caption bout #momanddad she is not his frigging father,Nicholas is not a deadbeat to them nor is he dead. The only thing dead is what they had,she fi cut out the ph**y and stay inna har line,mi sure dem a co-parent smfh


15 thoughts on “SPICE STAP IT

  1. I don’t think Spice is playing fair if she’s trying to paint this man as a dead-beat father. All this time she up in arms with him and him a dead beat? all the times she go on tour and a post how a him have the kids a do home work and the whole 9 yards? Come on Grace don’t do that people only ago despise you more, you behaving like a woman scorned.

  2. She too wicked , whenever she go England go f**k , a Nicholas a watch the pickney Dem . Dutty whoring spice , blame urself for destroying ur fake happy home

  3. Bitter gall,spice be very careful cuz you’re fast approaching ms shytty kitty levels of damn disgusting,hitherto thought impossible for any other mere mortal to reach!!go siddung one side n miss the yute with ur bs!!

  4. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    I hate woman who do sh!t like this,before the break,during break you was mom and only mom since the man took the pic with hs older daughter at the funeral and shouted out his daughter mother about being such a good mom to his child yuh tun mom and dad to his two kids wid yuh..gal guh av several phuck’n seat nd stop try style de man under sikes,yuh too phuck’n much sometimes playing a sport that male dominant doesn’t make you the male figure in yuh sons life, it makes you his mother spending quality time with her son,damn rude.

  5. What some of you ladies don’t seem to understand and I’m talking from experience, When you and the man are good he does everything for his children but once the relationship is finished some men don’t even look on their child like how they used to which is unfair on the child. We don’t know if Nicholas is doing the same so we can’t comment on it. Many men paint a picture of being a loving partner and dad but are just a devil in disguise.

    1. Well considering that he broke it off with the first babymada fi spice and he was still in the little girl’s life wah yuh think. I think spice is the type of woman that will hold the child hostage and poison the kids minds againts them father cah him leave har. I do understand that she is the breadwinner but if he is not, she must not do it. The kids will grow and resent her for that.

  6. When my daughter was at St. Peter and Paul Prep, I would see him with the little boy. I cannot recall seeing Spice at any school event. They lived in Portmore so he would beat the traffic and park up at the school before school started. I even have pictures of Nicholas presenting my child a medal at sports day. No Spice, maybe she was touring, who knows but I can vouch that the guy is not a dead beat. I even have seen him with the boy several times in Hi-Lo supermarket shopping. Spice fi gwey wid di foolishness

  7. Uno shut up. My friend an her man did good shi lef him abusive ass an now not even a bottle a water him a buy fi d child wen u an dem dah it good wen u lef a u alone nuff a uno a chat an uno kn dem dutty man yah

  8. Spice f**k pon the man , and the man find out and lef her dirty rass that why she hurt Nicholas nah look pon her with her sad life .

  9. Lawd god the good couple mash up, shi run in the baby mom life and breed 2 timez now it not working out..god no like wicked, spyce luv gwan like shi wan control d man too much to, spyce bad fr breaton days so it no shock me with she, plus she have dutty wayz.shi fuc pon har bsby fada nuff time, so she mus leav d man alone, dem say anyting blac no good

  10. why people tek spice serious? spice dunce & nuh know betta…. if she nuh have drama inna er life she wi dead

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