1. No morals at all – How can 1 be so vain, craving for attention by using such a tragedy for publicity !!!!! SHAME ON THE EDITORS @STAR, mek dem no talk bout the victims family?? a dis ole rectobait dem a intertwine with such catastrophe :hoax2 …MET Ive seen it all me na lie :hoax2 :hoax2

    1. No man when mi talk people tek it personal but mi know she a look a rise from it..Its shameful I said it already

  2. de unnecessary thirst is real I tell u..ntn bout it don’t even cum awf as a grief tuh de life lost nd family moaning it jus scream…ray mi deh a france all eyes on mi nd bare supm supm…smfh

  3. But how could the STAR do something like this???? associate Spice with such an international tragedy. It sad man me na lie n the nerve of her to post it up so pon her IG only proves how dunce and insensitive this fake batty gyal is, me like her as an artist but this she tek it too far ya now wid d attention seeking episodes whe she de pon

  4. When Cliff mention today on his show; coming up after the break, Spice…I was like “what the f.uck?! I know power 106 didn’t call her ass all the way in Paris. She make it look like they blew up her Hotel and she’s the only one who make it out alive. I do understand being in a foreign country and scary shit like this went down am going to be scared, but been on every news outlet in my country is a bit too much….well at least for me.

  5. i dont think its thirsty
    shes there, she entitled to feel scared and she wanna comment on it , i dont see that as being thirsty

  6. Really don’t see any wrong with the post, she being interviewed about her experience Shouldn’t be a issue neither.For fans and some jamaican knowing she was there,it hit close to home.

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