1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Spice should have shown up there as Grace,even here attire could have been toned down and the hair color too. Imagine you were invited to a program where the Prime Minister,Governor General and many other members with a certainClass to them to honor our athletes for the job well done in Rio and of all the songs to sing you come with this Panda remix crap,followed by the brawling “Yes a suh mi like it” and “Indicator.” You must know when to worst the kind of event and settings you’ve been asked to show up to and the funny thing is Spice can sing she sounds so damn good singing.

    I don’t wanna hear about they know what kind of artist she is,I bet any money if it was Lady Saw she would have started off smooth and tease us a bit with the ray ray and walk off,even the germs Tanya would have known what to do…Spice you can do better so do it

    1. Mi shame like dog when I saw it. She should have worn something better, with black hair and sing different songs. Splice you really showed you have no damn class. The people them around her is just as bad.

    1. Indeed up to the highest levels heads must roll!None of u love Babsy Grange like me,none of u but I would support any call for her to take the brunt of the blame for the shambolic farce of using Spice. Here are the facts for those who are fair n truthful.

      Babsy was front n center for Lisa Hanna to resign when they use Queen ifrika at Jamaica 50 n she blaze a royal fire on Same sex unions.The powerful gay lobby came down hard n them write off ifrika career 4 gooD n started to pressure our tourism Dollar n wanted Lisa’s head on a platter.

      Babsy said that Lisa should’ve known time n place n not use ifrika.Now the tables turn n anyone with sense will tell u that u ALWAYS pick a IFRIKA over a SPICE for a National decent Event.One lady sings abt uplifting woman n that women are more than their bodies….the other disgusting Buttoo sings that life is all abt her well travelled touring Vajay Jay!

  2. Reading material..check
    1.89litres bottle of sorrel

    Reading material on my fav national hero george William Gordon..check

    2cellphones,tablet,money for Internet cafe..check.
    9Saltfish fritters,assorted tikki tikki FrieD fishes..check

    Me a siddung rt YA so tiDay.This MUST be the top story becuz it is a national Disgrace of epic shameful n Disgusting proportions.Thank God they cut off the riddim but she still sang accapela smh woman have u no Shame??

  3. Proof that a nuh all a dem dem turn hype up a entertainer….lady saw would tease and gwaan inna all a nice dress or suptn…Spice disgrace herself, the little piece of leotard and then the choice of songs…half the people there were confused and uncomfortable!

    Di time Spice deh inna mix up she fi go work pon her craft and come back

  4. The promoter know spice don’t have any clean songs so I don’t know why they book her,I think it was done to flop her they could of book ioctaine, Christopher Martin , lady saw,or even cronox.

  5. No body should be blame than spice herself u have been invited to an event like that which is clearly a formal event what were u thinking thou. That statement or princess of the stage come again with that. U are an entertainer you should know how to be versatile in everything you do. Stop blaming the persons who hired her she needs to grow away now from those songs a nuh every day ppl or dem song deh ago rule dancehall enuh. Mi love u and rate you as an artist just like hw u mek remix for panada u coulda remix indicator and suh mi like it for the athletes

    1. The love is mutual mi ukkibit darling.ive been banned other places before but I strongly feel I wont be banned here for the truthwhey mi talk!that’s what dem get for using a classless act to bring off a classy event!

      Spice oozes less than ghetto trash from our days growing up in Hannah town.her hair,her dressing,her brawling speech,her mannerisms have all screamed ratchet distasteful to the umpteenth degrees.

      Lady saw at her raunchiest WOULD have delivered a classy set cuz she has it within her but NOT so with this incapable spice!

  6. Her Attire and delivery was off. I do think that she was fit for the event as this was not a gospel show so different genres were welcomed.

    1) Her attire was not fitting. She could have worn something else.

    2) She is so accustomed to getting a hype as soon as she makes an entrance and I think that she was thrown off because of the lack of response.

    3) She could have engaged the athletes some more and drop lines and make statements. I have seen Lady Saw do this.

    4) I dont want to diss her but she looked rather greasy. And I was very distracted by her dress. All I was thinking was why she neva put on something else?

    5) The organizers are nuts to have placed her right after Kevin. That was totally wrong. Also, they should have told her not to sing indicator as the song will be played right after her performance. It was very disrespectful for them to just cut her off and embarrass her like that. NOT COOL.

  7. Spice was rushing up fi jump up ina Lady Saw shoes, from di time she a practice fi jump ina it u would think she would know how to wear it. No class no grace no likkle nothing. But u waa run di female part a dancehall though spice :ngakak

    1. :ngakak All di trampoline spring weh she did ah practice from how long neva mek it. Fi har parachute open tuh soon and she itch up inna tree :ngakak She fi gweh wid har color-color hair ah di people dem destent event :ngakak

  8. I have never heard spice sing a conscious song or even a song about life itself. A just yegehyegeh so…. spice yuh time a up luv. I told you.. better ppl are out here and coming plus yuh too obeah so….

  9. Assuming it’s taxpayers money then monies paid to spice MUST be refunded becuz everyone agrees that’s not what was paid for!!we demand a written public apology for disgracing dancehall,we are use to spice disgracing herself for attention but it’s unacceptable when SHE goes and disgrace the nation!!

    Attorney General plzz sue her IF she fails to make restitution forthwith!

  10. I don’t think Spice should be blamed. Spice don’t have no song that fit an occasion like that so I have no idea why the organizers invited her. As for the dressing, everybody know that Spice don’t know how to carry herself and ridiculously overdo things especially with hairstyles. I really don’t see why she was selected.

  11. Yuh caan expect fi put lipstick pon hog and call it Lady :ngakak Spice yuh nuh mek it, shame and disgrace pon dis performance…or lack thereof. Yuh jus nuh get it. Spice jus big, brawlin, and tan bad from head tuh toe. Dem wrong fi book yuh and yuh wussa wrong fi accept cause yuh done knoe seh yuh nuh qualified fi dem yah event yah. Mi shame ah yuh.

  12. Bwoy nuh matter what she wear spice always look dirty!! I’m no professional MUA but she need to try a matted primer or matted foundation

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