14 thoughts on “SPLINTA YUH MUS REACH OO

  1. Morning MET and my fellow Metters. Dem boy ya nuh have no standard wen it come to farin gal, dem nuh see age or looks or anything all dem see is a green card. Nah knock dem hustle, a dem name must reach, haffi reach!

    1. Mawning Obs y would he u no see how the lip dem look cushy like dem was made to be sat on??? Everybody have a kniche in life splinta own is to orally pleasure females meck him do him ting yaaaa mainnnnnnnnne

  2. She look like she coulda be him Madda! Dammmmmmmm, him mussi have a GOOD imagination fi lay down wid har!!!! Ah WHO him pretend seh she is when dem a fu(k?!?!?!?

  3. Why don’t these old ass woman love pick up these young boys .Old pussy and young cocky nuh. Agree .just nasty

  4. No sah, look pon Di pose too inna Di second pic. Top heavy & spread out & the two Likkle foot dem compare to her body. Favor sponge bob

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