1. This lady need a selfie stick. She way too close to the camera and she nuh really have the upfront appearance…LMAO

    1. That’s the same thing I was sayong. Jesus saviour pilot me. I never seen someone so ugleeeeeeeeeee dwl!!!!!!!

  2. Treez drippy buddy nuh stop gi weh his special gifts tired fi hear who run gone clinic after dem lay wit dis flee germs sick stomach

  3. I feel so sorry for all their children. 2016 and dem kind a living they exist! Boy no wonder white people want trump to win the election. GOOD AFFI SUFFA FI DI BAD.

  4. Shame & disgrace on y’all… but because of you lots, I ain’t gonna stop from saying I am a proud, progressive, hardworking JAMAICAN.

  5. Somebody please come explain LUMINAMY to me cause I don’t know to Rasta Foot :ngakak MET! You is NO GOOD! You almost mek me kin over and dead the way how me a laugh, Why oh why the likes of these people passed through airport and reach a the people them country and come a behave like this? She is proud to be in the shelter for 2yrs and not 5yrs? Fadda Gwad if you are not busy come right here, SOMEBODY PLEASE COME GET THEM GRANNY! This lady is very illiterate and disgusting.

  6. When them a cuss and a incriminate dem self at de same,nuh felony if dem find out seh yah sell stamps plus she a give weh one a de hot spot weh willing trade out unno stamps before yuh try get a phuck’n program fi come out of de shelter nd change yuh status inna farina unno a cuss ova phuckery,yow unno wukliss nd different

  7. I’m dead! Who are these people ? Who’s nick clean? Lady face taken up the whole phone screen, disgrace to the black race, I’d like to see what Barbie looks like, why she call herself that name, thank god I don’t like in the ghetto or have ghetto mentality.

    1. living in de ghetto don’t make you ghetto,a lot of us are from de ghetto but not of de ghetto…dese ppl are some non progressive under develop waste sperms weh happen tuh exist

  8. Met all the ppl dem name weh she call Karen Nana nickclean treez Yuh have pic wid dem mi wah fast and Barbie too why she name Barbie she look like a Barbie

  9. Suh Barbie I’m taking it u is a grown ass woman weh hitch up inna shelter wid u muma.. An can lef shelter fi go dance an u muma hold it dung fi u eeh , but u caan get up off u lazy ass go look a macdonalds job …an unuh a collect foodstamps an go sell it out fi get money fi buy clothes fi dancehall. Unuh is some set a waste non progressive elements, u or u muma nuh betta than one another. A waan find out which shelter pon 86 street Unuh hitch up an go report Unuh nastiness.

    1. If you do please video dem getting put out! :ngakak

      Mussy domestic violence dem file fi get green card cause DAT de mumma look like she get kick inna har mouth by man nuff.

      Me pray nuff a dem never return to Jamaica cause dem is of no value here or there. Bitch dem a naught!

  10. Dis drunk already ole zutubloodclat Peng need a slap inna har face wid a shit up shovel!

    If my mother exhibited any of this wilderbeast character me shot her long time and kill meself! Nasty ole beast! Thank God Jamaican rid a onu fi good!

  11. Wat a shameless big ass grown woman.this Lady is a disgrace. The time she there arguing she go get herself a job. she and her daughter is worthless to be living into a shelter for almost 3yrs and them have papers.this Lady looks like she disabled anyway because sensible people don’t talk and act the way she does. I feel bad for her. Grow up lady.

  12. Can somebody please tell me what is the condition that this lady have? I don’t have a medical background but from her face and her eyes alone I could tell something is wrong. Anyone who know plz spill the beans. Another thing why is it when these people a make video they don’t fix up themselves first? This one head look like she and a cock just finish fight.

  13. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak You know when Phantom Phoenix put een fi har two cent mi tretch right out a grung doe “….ole zutubloodclat Peng” :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Mi seh there is no better description fi dis cayliss woman ya :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    Ole Dog Shit

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