Stacey Dash: Bankruptcy Documents Show Actress Was Financially Supported by Ex-Fiancé, Report Says
Dash received $6,000 per month from her ex-fiancĂ© James Maby in 2004, the Daily Mail reported. In a recent interview, Dash said women should “work harder” and “stop complaining” about the wage gap.

9 thoughts on “STACY DASH , DASHED

  1. Guess she was complaining more and working less if a only $6K she get a month time from a money man with her high maintenance ass :sup2:

    1. Yu catch on quick : ngakak Homemakers claims a work and contribution when dem a get divorce : ngakak n Met say she nah no hard bubbling skills :hammer

  2. I guess she should’ve listened to her own advice, but she was too busy trying to be right with the undercover KKKs that not even non-racist, white Hollywood would touch her to make her earn.

    And what a nice ex-fiance man. Why did he do that? Do they have children?

  3. Is she serious with her horse mouth like it can never close,now let her ass go get a regular minimum job working in a factory,n let someone tell her to work harder

  4. You said it PeaceNLove, she wi do anything fi get a shine. Har time pass, when you did look gud you shoulda settle down with a brotha who want you. Now the white man dem who you a run behind wouldn’t even fart pon yuh. An yuh bruk!!!!

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