Case: Discharge of Firearm resulting in Injury

Date and Time Committed: Thursday May 3, 2018 about 8:20am at the intersection of Barbican Road, Old Hope and Hope Road Kgn 6

Complainant: #8139 Corporal Leroy Williams c/o Traffic Division and assigned to Ferry Police Station

Injured Person: Wendy Hutchinson-Hutton 43 yrs old D.O.B 4/9/74 Insurance Sales Representative

Suspect: Christopher Rhoden age 30 yrs old DOB 21/8/1987 Windscreen Wiper of 147 Confidence View Lane, Standpipe, Kgn 6

Effected by: Complainant who was dressed in plain clothes driving his private motor vehicle armed with service Glock 17 pistol with serial number KGM 066 with one magazine containing seventeen 9mm rounds was in a line of traffic along Barbican Road when upon reaching the vicinity of the aforementioned intersection was approached by Rhoden who attempted to wipe the windshield of his car. He signalled to Rhoden not to proceed where the complainant was met with threatening words from Rhoden who was behaving boisterous.

William’s exited his vehicle and approached Rhoden who attempted to pull some thing from his wait band. In the defence of his life, Williams pulled his service pistol and fired one shot in the direction of Rhoden. However, the bullet went through the front door of a Blue Honda CRV motor car reg# 7656GJ owned and was being driven by Mrs. Hutton. The same bullet grazed her right thigh, entering the right side of her abdomen and exited on her left side.

Mrs. Hutton was assisted to the UWHI by Dr. D. Danjojo where she underwent surgery and is admitted in stable condition.

The firearm that Cpl. Williams had was seized for Ballistic testing.

The scene and motor vehicle was processed by Det.Cons. M.Jackson and team c/o Area 4 SOCU and Kathrina Graham c/o INDECOM. The scene was visited by DET/Sgt. D. Maxwell and team c/o BSI. The keys for Mrs. Hutton’s vehicle was handed over to her husband.

I/O D/Sgt R Monteith


  1. The police think say coming up with that anancy story ago save him. Him ago charge for shooting at the windscreen wiper and shooting the woman damn idiot.

  2. Oonu see how some a dem Police bwoy ya trigger finger horny??? And, him did ready fe kill de yute too ova someting petty, all because him a Police, and have a gun. Pussy fe go drown inna de ocean yes!

  3. I’m sure the surveillance camera at that intersection should be able to assist because numerous persons said him park car and gone run down the boy. If the bullet did connect the intended target, unnu wuda hear how him first fire gun and the police return fire. God just a show up some of unnu because unnu too hot head. Yes some of them can be a nuisance, however, I’ve never driven and none of those windscreen wipers disrespect me. Most times it is how the motorist first talk to them…tone and attitude, etc. so that might caused an argument, but I can’t see where parking your vehicle and running down a yute to try and shoot him, justify anything. Is not rob the yute out there robbing and the police could hv killed him for nothing. Unnu head can’t so hot fi police.

  4. I hope the witnesses aren’t intimidated to prevent them from testifying or get them to change dem story!

  5. The station have surveillance video. From that eeediat drive up in there and park then get out of his vehicle to confront Rhoden his case done. Guaranteed Rhoden wild up di Officer causen seh dem windshield wiper yout nuh tek no for and answer. That’s no reason for this fool fool police bwoy to attempt to murder Mr Rhoden. Take all firearms from him while he is being investigated.

  6. This is unacceptable…………… That poor lady could have lost her life.

    Seems this cop was itching to use his gun………. there is nothing that young boy could have said to get the cop soooooooooooo pissed off for him to pull his gun.

    If the boy physically assaulted him then we could understand. This world is crazy than ever before.. You are NOT safe no matter where you are.

    Speedy recovery for the victim..

    This cop need to spend some time behind bars.. he needs to learn a lesson.

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