I came home from work tired from the exhausting work week and the stress of finals exam, I was tired yes but I didn’t want to just threw myself in the couch and fall asleep as I’d done countless times before. I was excited, yes very excited because he was coming over and I was making him dinner. Hahaha yes, me…dinner, it’s not unheard of but neither is it common. But tonight was different, he mentioned a few times how “You evah cook and gimme yet”? truth be told I did about two times before but I’m the only one that remembered it seems. I took a shower and put on something comfortable but s*xy, something to show my nice propped up a*s and long legs. Now let’s be clear, I know I don’t have the shape of Amber Rose (whom I happened to like) but I have a little something going on and was smelling damn good. We had agreed to meet about 8pm, that was enough time for me to stage a home cooked meal. It was indeed home cooked, truth be told in my very kitchen, now as to who cooked it? that’s a different story. 8:30 came he’s still not here, gosh he is almost always late, almost 9 still not here and he knows how impatient I get. By this time dinner was ready in the oven on low… still no man. Called oround 10 he said he’s he stopped with an old friend, I could hear the drunk in the background who was now taking up my time. Oh Lord why do I let him do this, better yet why do I allow it? I tell myself and him that I don’t want him, he’s here for one reason and one reason only but I hate the feeling of not being in control. Now it’s 11:19pm and he’s still not here, by now I am actually feeling tired and the one shot I had earlier to “get a buzz” is actually kicking in. The food in still in the oven untouched as I couldn’t bring myself to eat alone, I feel bummed out. I should leave this man alone, yes I should leave her man alone…..

****text comes in**** “goodnight babe talk to you tomorrow,PS. I really miss you and hope to see you soon now that school is out”…. shrugs shoulders and turn the phone face down.

4 thoughts on “STEALING LOVE …TEASER

  1. Mi like the story line. Well written. Almost had me cheering for the sidechick. The devil is a liar. Turn to your neighbour and say not today Satan.

  2. The energy it takes to be a sidechick is unbearable, I dont know how some women do it. Cook, clean, put on sexy lingerie only to get a text about school being out. Cho! I rather work with a man who watch me noon and night than play number 2.

  3. @ golden girl how you conclude the text come from the bunner man and not the original man? Remember the song says “I don’t belong to you….you don’t belong to me”

  4. Mnl a just some f**k di man a pree fi give yuh mi luv :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak bout yuh a cook dwprcl I can’t and put on lingerie :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak whooiii. Tek yuh free f**k mi luv an leave ppl man alone a hope him nuh married.

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