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  1. Mawning Met n Metters, so y wifey nuh sue fi tek back di plastic surgery money, KMFT, she did kow sey di man n di gyal dey, now dis cuz of d scandal. Dem inna dem 80’s dem know if dem gonna be around till dis case comes 2 trial???? Dis is pett money fi dem cuz dem a billionaires

    1. Good morning..di wie fi go sidung it tek nuff stomach fi tek a ole man like dat she deserve every dollar

  2. Wifey never hear sey exchange is no robbery? Sterling cannot give back the side chick all the sexual pleasures wey shi gi him.
    Anyhoo, it will be interesting to see how it pans out since California being a community property state stipulates that 50% of his every asset belongs to the wife. She does have legal footing here so ace girl might very well get shegged.
    If the court rules in her favor, then, this just put a cramp in the side hoe hustle.

  3. The girl fi talk sey wifey consented to the relationship and she had to “service” wifey too and engage in regular 3somes. I bet dat ole bitch shut up afta dat

  4. So if a married man is giving a woman gifts whether he’s sleeping with her or just for companionship, I did not know he need his wife permission before he could allocate all those gifts and money?


    1. Good question. Apparently the answer is YES! The wife has one of the best Divorce Lawyers around, so this is not a frivilous lawsuit. If it is the judge will throw it out. I think, given the scandal, the lawsuit will die a natural death. Plus, I don’t think the wife or the husband wants the other tapes release to the public. Who knows, Stiviano might have many other secrets to reveal, including secrets involving the wife. The wife is a real bitch and I saw a tape where she posed as a State of California Health Inspector to gain illegal access to the tenant’s apartment. This is a crime.

      1. Okay. But what is he suppose to say ? “Honey, I’m going to write a check for x amount of money for a down payment on a luxury apartment for V. ‘Also, she needs a car and cash allowance”. Community property state are not, what husband is going to asked his wife for permission to splurge on his side chick?

        The wife knew what was going on all along, they were all cozy up at the clippers game on many occasion. And Donald have a nerve to tell her to give back all the gifts……What……I wouldn’t not give back a dime, take me to court.

      2. a whey di______________________________ u know mi feel a she a di real racist and did a mek di complain dem to di man…when mi read dis it convince mi say she was di one a mek di complain dem

        1. Nathan Fenno
          April 30, 2014, 9:07 a.m.
          An apartment tenant and managers claimed the wife of embattled Clippers owner Donald Sterling denigrated African Americans, Latinos and once posed as a health inspector, according to court records.
          Rochelle Sterling denied she is a racist in a statement released to ESPN earlier this week and distanced herself from remarks captured on an audio recording said to be of her husband. The court documents offer a different perspective.
          In a 2009 deposition, a tenant at one of the Sterling’s apartment buildings in Los Angeles County said that Rochelle Sterling called him a “black m—f—” during a discussion at the building.
          Full coverage: The Donald Sterling controversy
          “I asked her again, I asked her, ‘would you reduce the rent?’” Darrell Rhodes said in the deposition. “And she said, ‘who do you think you are, you black m—f—.’
          “The way in which she said m—f— was more lower voiced, under her breath. She said black loud enough for me to hear, she said mother loud enough for me to hear. F— part was a little lower. I had to look at her lips to hear her say it. And I did.”


          1. ______________________________________________________________________________________

  5. Mek wifey mooove har claat, him was giving d girl out of his 50%, so fi har 50% safe, all she do s deduct d $2.5m outta fi him value. Tek bad tings mek laff

    1. I what happens if she find that very enticing, then what? 🙂

      BTW, do we know how many affairs, she has had over the years? The Sterlings seems to have had some type of “arrangement” in place.

      It is being reported that Donald Sterling use to bring his male friends to the locker room after NBA games just to “oggle” at the black (naked) NBA players. This was said on CNN by the Black Attorney representing Elgin Baylor, the ex Black General Manager of the Clippers, who was suing the Team for age/race discrimination. The lawyer was on the O. J. Simpson defense team.

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