Stokely Stokes

October 9 near New York via mobile
Shout out to the Mailhandler’s union local 300 for finally gettin rid of 1 of those 3 stooges ( dead weight ) y’all had in the tour 3 union office , I’ve been telling y’all they’re not in there in the best interest of the union but only for themselves , but I’m glad to c y’all makin steps in the rite direction

Stokely Stokes

October 10 via mobile
Here’s something to run tell u postal employees , tell that chick that got kick off the mail handlers union to pay attention to her bank acct & not to me maybe she wouldn’t b bouncing that many checks in mcu , I hope u caught up wit dem car payments cause that shit up for repossession , that money u use for that tummy tuck u should of used to pay off ya car note , oh dam u had a tummy tuck u beta go get ya money back looks like ur shit untucked . Jus remember tis ain’t no hear say convo I speak facts & I got more where that came from , $2 chick in a $10 world ,I WILL VERBALLY ASSAULT U , U BUM BROAD , get ya response ready I’ll b back in a week sweetie , about to jump on tis red eye Miami bound.
Stokely Stokes

October 16 near New York via mobile
Dammmm I post some factual info last week & tis pigeon feather all ruffled bitch plzzzz get over it , now everytime u c me u got something to say , go jump off a bridge bitch you’re a “NON MOTHER F**KIN FACTOR ” oh well I guess I’m on ur mind , I got that type of power sometimes when stating facts I’m will have fun wit ur dumbass , YO MAKE SURE YALL SHOW HER TIS POST ️️️️IM BACKKKKKKKKK

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Vanessa Black Shots Fired!!! welcome back Bro

October 16 at 10:54pm · 2

Sade Duff Lmao…..WELL DAMN in my Gucci voice….

October 16 at 11:36pm via mobile

Yasmine Batroni Was quiet without u. Lol. Welcome back.

October 17 at 12:03am via mobile

Verlyn DeBerry I guess your vacation didn’t soften you up

October 17 at 1:16am via mobile

Stokely Stokes He’ll nah tis bum chick keep starting shit Verlyn DeBerry

October 17 at 1:40am via mobile

Yasmine Batroni Verlyn I walked by him tonight and I had to duck. Lmao

October 17 at 2:51am via mobile

Verlyn DeBerry I think we need a group hug

October 17 at 2:52am via mobile

John Gerena Please email the Arthur ashe foundation. They need more lotion. Please school em Stokely Stokes

October 17 at 2:58am via mobile

John Gerena Stokely Stokes what would mc lyte say ? best mc line ever …. God damn hoe here we go again-. bet awards 2013

October 17 at 3:01am via mobile · 1

Wanda Negrita Belizario Listen don’t get your evil ass in no mess at work… People will do shit all day everyday but I tell you what even though ya can’t stand each other ya got one thing. In a common a so called “friend” that has to be the one to show ya negative shit about each other…that ain’t no friend that enjoys being a messenger so whom ever it was watch out for that.. When I have mutual friends having a issue I’m not carrying bullshit back n forth cause if you my friend I don’t want you getting in no mess..keep yo eyes open for that Stokely Stokes

October 17 at 6:23am · Edited · 2

Yasmine Batroni U said it Wanda!!!!!

October 17 at 8:10am via mobile

Verlyn DeBerry Listen to your job sisters and stay away from them people

October 17 at 8:39am via mobile

Marvin Neville @ Wanda; now that is real talk!!!

October 17 at 12:01pm · 1

Stokely Stokes I feel u Wanda Negrita Belizario but sometimes idgaf but let’s set the record straight I told that chick everything I said in that post BEFORE I posted it & she had her 2 union ppl there when I said it , she mutter some bs under her breathe as I walked by & I jus blew a gasket , that chick even came out to the parking lot & stood in front my car wit the tour 3 chief shop steward standing across by the union parking lookin , I guess as a witness , I GUESS THATS WHAT UNION TIME IS USED FOR, yesterday that chick walked in front the tugger & stopped & bent ova wit her ass in the air ….. John Gerena u funny only if they knew what u were talkin about

October 17 at 12:34pm via mobile

Robert Keith Clegg Stokes what’s good bruh???

October 17 at 1:25pm

Stokely Stokes I’m good , jus havin some fun wit some of these clowns I work witRobert Keith Clegg I seen Spence a few weeks ago

October 17 at 1:43pm via mobile ·
Robert Keith Clegg I haven’t seen him for a while. I see the plant is still the sAME LMAO!!!

October 17 at 1:49pm

Stokely Stokes

October 31 near New York

Shout to dat chick that got kicked out the local 300 union , yo do me a favor stop sending friend request to ppl that liked or commented on post about u don’t worry I see those fake page friend request that u sending me too, dam luv u deleted off ur page , jus remember u can’t put spin control on facts , I’m having fun wit ur dumb ass I brought u a calculator for Christmas so u can’t balance that check book PERSONAL FINANCE 101 NOT BECAUSE U HAVE CHECKS MEANS THAT U HAVE MONEY

Stokely Stokes

November 6

Shout out to tis chick that got kicked out the union & to tour 3 local 300 union office , tis chick went into the union office & use there computer , copying machine & stationary & tis is what she came up wit & posted it all ova the job , dammmmm trick u have to b the dumbest chick around wit all that shit I said about u ( FACTS ) tis is the best u can do lmao . Girlfriend did u proof read tis garbage before posting it all ova the job f**kin elementary school drop out . U need to go back on the ave & find dat butcher that did ya tummy tuck , I heard u got dat shit done on church ave or was it pitkin ave oh my bad it was Jamaica ave , u made a critical mistake by tryn to start bs wit my shawty jus remember tis I RIDE HARD FOR MY FAMILY & once u crossed that line I will go afta u relentlessly , now I heard ya feelings hurt cause everybody at the job talkin about my post here’s something to run wit F**K YA FEELINGS u created ur own storm now u mad cause it’s raining lmfao …….ps I got more for ya ass so keep doin dumb shit & stop sending me those fake fb pages for friend request , send me ya real page I’ll accept u



Keisha SweetJuice Trini

November 6 via mobile

Lmaoooooo niggas want to throw subs on fb, but when you start confront niggas they the first to run to management… Let me give the facts……..Stokely Stokes is a PUSSSSSYYYYYY….A BIG CROTCHES ONE TOO… MAN UP…


  1. Nopes. 1st I’m surprised she has a federal job. 2nd she nuh only mix up in dance hall she mix up at the ppl dem good postal work… Kmft

  2. Omg him done this bun plantain 🙁 u a real mix up badddddddd :bingung: :bingung: :bingung: :bingung: :beer: :beer: :salahkamar :salahkamar

  3. This bitch is a sad case. She live talk bout ppl see di man dun yuh. Black face Keisha di man dun yuh ugly ass. Mi hate her. This bitch is living a lie she always talking shit.

  4. Di two ah dem betta stop before Uncle Sam dun eeh both ah dem; people, Facebook is now being used to hire and fire people

  5. mawnin mawninnnnnnnnnnnnnn Metty n Mettyers :peluk

    anybody noe stokely please tel em fi cum shellllllllllllllllll ooooooooooooooo caw fiem mout lite like cork :ngakak cum talk up stokely

  6. im so tired of this ugly bitch everyway she go ppl hate her something must be wrong with u ass. she always boosting and acting like she all that this bitch aint shit… she been on welfare all her life and dem tired of her so they put her through the workfare program and she get this mail handling job payin her $17 an hour with some federal benefits no she acting like she better than welfare ans foodstamps…..bitch pls stop shoplifting fi take care a man who not saying with u, go invest in ur kids who r always home alone and longing for a mother’s love and affection… when u go shoplifting pls take some recipe books so u can learn fi make a cup of tea…………

      1. Mi neva knoe welfare give federal work? And a $25 an hour dem get pay. Get ur facts straight. And last time mi check d girl kids are 21, 18, and 16.So please.


  8. A man a gwan so on a girl? Look like he jealous cause he do not have what she has. He all a talk bout har tummy tuck. Nigga please go get a life. Mi see d girl go a work everyday and as far as mi know union nuh pay salary, a dem pay d union so she must come out d union and stop pay union dues. How it bun him so? Him and d girl must have a bank account together fi him know say she a bounce check?Unnu really sad and jealousy is a bitch.

  9. Blessed monday to one and all.
    Is this Stokley Brown?
    If it is!! Chip really dont fly far from the block.His father was a moutha massey also.

  10. yoooooo tis is Stokely bum bitch whadup dutty juice trini , my peeps hit me up telling me u got my pic up here but I really don’t give a f**k cause im real bitch , broke hoe go pay ya bills ya truck up for repossession bitch u got more important things to worry about , name 1 thing I said that wasn’t true ,wit ya Pitkin ave tummy tuck lmfao broke hoe bouncing checks like crazy bitch how u didn’t get locked up bouncing all dem checks , bitch keep posting shit i got more info on u , don’t worry ur time of the year comin tax time & i kno u filled out fraudulent tax returns to get ya tummy tuck bitch u betta hope uncle Sam don’t audit u BUM BITCH

  11. my cousin is a boss ya bum bitch.. get yo f**kin life ma.. foh.. you’ve yet to accomplish a quarter of what he’s accomplished in life. u worried about a man that got his shit together but ya ass got evicted.. worry about the chink infested bed u gotta sleep on in the shelter. yuh tuff nuh raas

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