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Stop fooling yourself; somethings and folks have to be severed in 2015!
Many folks are in the valley of decision in terms of letting go of what they are fully aware of that’s
causing them not to grow.
2014 has been a challenging year but at the same time we contributed greatly to those challenges by not severing what had us anchored to a life of defeat and anti-progress. Believe it or not there are some churches, some Pastors, some friends and even places that you must cut loose from and literally bury, signifying that there will be no returning to that same old, non-progressing, defeated, depressing state.
As much as you may admire some folks or even look up to some folks, you must remain committed to the formula of life and that is you must determine if that person, place or thing is adding to your life, taking from your life or keeping you anchored in life! Which ever one you have determine to be the case, please note that your choice also makes you a contributor as to what becomes of your life as a result of separating yourself from them or being connected to them.
Always keep in mind that success or failure can not happen by itself. Instead, one must be connected to or disconnected from someone, something or some place that with combine efforts will produce the result of failure or success!
Now, with all of that said let us do a quick test and we will use the year 2014 as the testing ground in an effort to reveal who or what we need to cut loose in 2015 if we truly desire success or at least to achieve a better quality of life in 2015. Think about it for a moment, who or what were you connected to or who or what were the common denominator during your times of success and failures in 2014. Let me make it a little more simple for you. Why is it that ever since you hooked up with person-X in 2014 absolutely nothing seem to be going right for you, better yet, ever since you’ve join that particular church all they ever talk about is you sowing a financial see for prosperity but you’ve plunged further into debt since you started attending there but you have never had a financial problem prior to attending there?
The above test will enable you to now see what connections had you going forward, standing still or taking you backwards in life. As a reminder, it will always be the synergy of something, someone or some place that will produce the end result of failure or success for you!
I have said this before and it’s worth repeating again, 2015 will be a year of revelation. Revelation means to reveal something that was hidden or to make clear something that was not understood. The purpose of any revelation is to ultimately give to the person in whom the revelation is being revealed, a greater insight or to go beyond the surface of what they thought they knew so that they can now make a better decision.
Father, reveal to us that which was hidden so that we will not repeat the same cycle of failure in 2015 that we did in 2014 in the mighty name of you son Jesus Christ. Amen!
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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