A few years back when they held Pmoney I mentioned a young man he had killed over 10 lbs of weed. Pmoney had gone as far as to taunt the young man’s mother over the death of her son. The young man who died was Patrick Woodburn , the man in the video being killed is on video is his brother.

Information that has been submitted alleges that the young man who was killed was a community thief and was plaguing the neighborhood. Read below

The young man who died, his twin and his mother
The young man who died, his twin and his mother

Rumours really travels far more than the truth….. He died a month ago n buried 1st of March… He isn’t a twin…. N him mom isn’t Maury…. Her name is Majorie. He was supposed to dead few yrs back over a missing gun which he had no knowledge of n was flown out of the country for sake of his life… Then he came back because things did squash dung. Him have 14 kids with one on the way so him a nuh batty man. He was indeed a theif but never hurt a soul ( which mi nah condone) d day him n him fren go fi teif and d fren run left him .. But him did a tek a man woman too up deh so that contribute to his death. But u know wen ppl a kill ppl dem class dem in all sort of manner hence the reason dem sey battyman….


  1. Yes this is a rather true account cause I hear from good source it was a personal killing under style.. His brother up top wey p money kill is the dj wey dem shoot up on Manchester name hammer mouth few yrs ago

  2. Good morning met ,I don’t have a clue cause I was enquiring for weeks after him dead bout the funeral and dem did tell me bout the nine night den everything go silent ,till way day dem say him burry

    1. Morningg I know the mother feel it when the first one died now him and they killed him horribly . I pray God continues to strengthen her.

  3. I haven’t seen his mom for bout 20yrs but I knew her well I only knew her first child when he was small but I only heard she had more kids just when hammer mouth son died

  4. I feel it for her ,met dat place is curse is very few people come out dey soh an noh mix inna some bangarang or dem kids.. About 2 weeks ago dem shoot up a youth in the market on French street an my pinky a tell me say after dem kill him ,new a go round say a the wrong man dem kill ,den to my surprise my kinky a tell me say a shady wey me kno good good son an dem say d youth hard working just like him dad ,dem a d few decent family wey noh mix but him dead cause a d environment ,poor is a crime point is the youth dem all if dem strong will an resist certain tings dem affe run wey or dem dead by accident…Marjorie first baby daddy rhohan dem kill him dung a bus stop when she pregnant ,him an him family dem use to sell jerk chicken out dey , dem kill him cause him did live inna Laborite zone yrs ago..Spanish town and its environment soak inna blood nation need fastening an prayer

  5. so qq man kill him breddaa foreign an him did affi run wey an come back {but y thou},an him go fi teif again an him mate an some more kill him an bran him as battymann,,,mi rite

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