Mawning Met…Pinkwallers

It’s been a hot week for the people dem from May pen Suh mi did just affi send this een to get some clarity. Met that’s Jason Samuel from May pen he’s also known as booroo him sell shoes and sum Otha Likkle tings to cover up the undercover badness like (Edited) and some violence (but if yuh ask anyone they will all say he’s a good yute and all sort of niceness) but hear me just because a man buy you a box food it doesn’t cover up the filthy ways he has. Wha me wha know is is it true that this so called bad man a really batty man ? Because met if yuh ever see him a mostly batty man him par wid from overseas but as soon as them touch Jamaica them act like them love ooman. Mi just a ask Enuh because yuh claim seh ya uptown bad boy and a pure batty man deh roun yuh Suh mi wha know wha gwaan


  1. let me just clarify…uptown and may pen are two different things…its like saying flankers and ironshore are the same..lmao

  2. dwlll its like back in the 80s this man used to live at an apt on oxford rd.he Jamaican but grew up in England he liked my friend maybe more, she migrated and was going through a family member’s album, that moved to U.S. from England small world we live in she said I know this guy MI RASS DEM SAY a PROSTITUTE A WEST GERMANY when he comes to Jamaica him str8888

  3. LLLLots a Jamaican men live str888 a ja and sleep with men when overseas but it buss out ya now a Spanish bwoy a miami wanted to sleep with me, when he realize he wasn’t getting anywhere he told me his lover was a Jamaican Chinese man this was 98

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