Dis nasty boy name (Edited) from Ochi Rios him walk and f**k everything inna skirt and me meet him an after a while me and him s*x an him give me a STD but instead a me a call him fi tell him mi jus a go put it out deh so di rest of woman dem can know
If u nuh have money fi give him after while him jus diss u up. Him have him woman dem a foreign weh a idiot and use him fren dem fi help convince him woman dem say a fi dem woman out here an not fi him own
Him say him a entertainer and a pure st Mary and Ochi show him can do. Nobody nuh know him nowhere else in a Jamaica
Cause him sit down a change gyal more than how ppl bathe
Mi nuh care weh nobody a go say but a me stupid fi f**k him but wen him ready fi convince u him can use him mouth good and trust me him know fi use him mouth

Is one day him come a mi house in a Ochi an deh pon him imo an a tell di woman pon di imo say a me come fi do him hair and a tell me say the woman pon di imo is a woman weh like him an him a get a ting from her so mi must play along. Him look everybody woman and feel like him hot and him nuh live no weh.

Mi hurt cause me Neva know a so much gyal him f**k is after me **k him couple time then me start see and hear the call dem an listen to him a tell lie bout who inna him house an dem ting deh. Right now couple man a pree him cause him go roun di man dem and a look di man dem woman and di woman dem Mek dem man know. Is like him nuh fraid a AIDS or nuttin
But God a God Instagram boss or whatever u call ur self.
Stop use ppl gyal Pickney and ladies I can’t tell u all how to live ur life but this is my experience. Cause dis youth beat a gyal cause she a ignore him. And mi nah lie it’s after all mi jus a find out these things. Wen me get sick an go Doctor an find out weh dis nasty boy give me. Me learn mi lesson and thanks for posting.


  1. So let me get this, is she mad about the “alleged” STD that he gave her or that he has alot of women / girls and she was used? She put forth more arguments about his philandering ways than her health conditions.

  2. GM, glad you went to the doctor, hope you received treatment. Make sure you stop having unprotected sex with men (all if he’s “your man” use protection because is nuff community cocky reach this wall) and lastly, since he’s so great with his words, kindly avoid him entirely so that you don’t get caught up again.

  3. Good advice to give to young women, but it seem if you never got dogged by him you wouldn’t know you could use a condom, all this just seem like ‘hurt talk’. The STD don’t have a name? You probably have BV which is not an STD, it’s most popular when you switch to a new partner. I hope you take your own advice and use a condom every time. Don’t wait to be dogged then come on social media

    1. No wait a min u really kill mi right there. What u sayin shower head to ur ting. No chance of std or headache. U get ur pleasure n go to bed stress free. I wish I could shake ur hand n give u a big hug I like ur style. Lol

    2. lol @needleeye, this is the best solution for real. Easily adjust the water pressure settings and enjoy the stream flow. no hastle, no stress, easy clean up and off to bed.

  4. What knocking by her. Just st based on the post this is a young girl who trying to learn from her mistake. Of course she is hurt and lasting out the only way she can. These worthless good for nothing lying undercover gay battyman LIKKY LIKKY man in Jamaica will do anything for a dollar . Right now I felt bad for the females because it’s turning into not the carribbean version of Atlanta. The struggle is REAL.

      1. ——————————————————————————————————————– mi poor ticky ticker lma

  5. Yo! This shit right here is crazy as f**k. I know I’m was off topic, but I met that big bitch who works at a laundry, shes bout 10 feet 11 inches, 1925 lbs, extremely big body and a small head. I was bored as shit so I was friendly toward her and we exchanged numbers in case I need to use their drycleaning service. Now, in her mind she thinks I want her Baldhead, scrubbing knees, black american, big linebacker ass. Big guh never called or anything but the other morning I got a text at approximately 9:00 AM saying “good morning honey.” I thought to my self, but wait? The big sour girl got up early as f**k to text me to see if I’ll take her to lunch. When I let her know that I’m not interested in her sexually she became angry and told me not to text her or come back to the laundry. Wtf?

  6. Needleye101, so all the while you’ve been drinking moscato it was just for your showerhead? I’m easily trained so you know

    1. Nope, I sure won’t. As much as he proclaims his love for me and say’s i’m the only one in his life (roll my eyes), I know better. Men lie, not all of them, but enough of them so I just stay cautious and enjoy the fun while it lasts because one drop of drama and i’m gone faster than some people tax refund lmao.

  7. wow that’s some serious shit. when its comes on to STD’s I don’t joke. Plz get a check to see if the guys pass on HIV to you. I am in a similar situation where one day the man that I am living with came home with his underpants leaking and when I checked it out he seems that he had an infection, so he went to the doc and she told him that he has an infection and he told me that I should go and get treatment. Anyways when I visited the doc she said that he has an STD and when he checked me he said I had it too not as bad as him and I should get treatment. Now upon hearing this my man gonna tell me that he didn’t cheated and he is the only one I have sex with. Ladies be very careful because these men a very wicked, now I am worried like hell that suppose he contacted HIV and pass it on to me.

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