6 thoughts on “SUH ALL NOW DI BABY NUH BURY?

  1. This is shocking! I swear that I read it somewhere a couple weeks ago that the Ministry of Education is going to take care of the funeral expenses, so what the heck went wrong?

    Also, $300,000 to bury a child, especially when the Parents are dirt – poor? Oh gosh man, dat heartless bad!

  2. First mi hear $190 gran now a $330 gran..i read that the funeral home made the casket and everything, burial was set for April 24th..then a next funeral home offer to buy her for free…my question is where is the gofundme $$$ they got???
    Poor child must a grieve.. Cut di darn foolishness and bury the poor child…someone seriously needs to step in because the parents not so righthed…

  3. Samething mi read tooooo abt minstry of education!! Suh weh di dutty teacher in all a dis?? Di father fi just lim off him raas neck! “Bout poor child’s body” who wrote that headline upset mi! Noo sah this cruel! Wat a way di director a calculate up! Where is kindeness of the heart? But bcuz the director knows top shelf people will eventually pay up he acting this way! Jahkno smh poverty is a crime a now mi believe!

  4. Where are all the bigger head’s in Jamaica that can step up an help lay this child to rest ??? Unuh come on now man this a foolishness mi grieve now Mon.

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