Everyone was up in arms all day Tuesday when news broke that Chris Brown allegedly threatened a woman for pulling a gun on her.
The woman is Baylee Curran, who basically swore up and down that Chris threatened her with a gun, and that she was scared for her life. Chris himself put up multiple videos explaining that he did no such thing, and the more she speaks, the more there is speculation that Baylee is either lying, or over exaggerating her story.
But get this, TMZ is reporting that Baylee is a wanted woman for questioning in NYC y’all! She allegedly stole someone’s $1000 Louis Vuitton purse from an upscale hotel, which also had $200 cash, credit cards, and a Michael Kors wallet in it.
This new information could be vital in Chris Brown’s defense seeing as Baylee’s story is that a certain piece of jewelry she was admiring at Chris’ house is what caused all of this in the first place.
According to Baylee’s rep, she didn’t know that she was wanted for questioning in New York City, and says she is not the one who stole the purse, but her friend is.
Chile.. What’s done in the dark always comes to light and we’re definitely hoping Baylee’s shenanigans will work in Chris’ benefit.
Chris Brown was released on $250,000 bond earlier, and his lawyer Mark Geragos tweeted that he is ‘out and well.’


  1. Man nuh dead, nuh call him duppy ~ Jamaican proverb. But I’m so over Chris Brown & his antics, especially where women are concerned. I mean, really & truly, after police rest hands on you, you get dragged through the court a number of times, how hard is it for you to chill & build back your life on sound footing? Why was he even auditioning girls at his home given his penchant for trouble with them? Why not do it in a professional setting ie a dance studio. I can’t see how she being past, present or future thief can help him when he’s the one with a history of violence against women. They allowed one violent black man to get through almost unscathed (Dr. Dre), him think he’s going to be the next one. Well he’s dead wrong. He better break up his folly ground. kmt

  2. From di rihanna ting chris neva been di same… Him did a do good wid him daughter but Rihanna an drake news f** up him head up like memories all ova again, an dis gal just pick up di jewellery di wrong time an him just snap.

    1. That’s it. It’s like he’s not right in his head. Maybe it’s too much weed & whatever other drugs he’s on, but his head is not right.

  3. This girl is a real crook, nothing but something she was looking to steal. This is the same woman who had won the beauty pageant and they had to take back the crown because of her lying ways(as a matter of fact the pageant organisers says she has yet to return the crown).

    1. Well if ah suh dem betta try meck ah nexx crown. Cah dem nah bless dem yeye pan dat again. Finga dem light…..

  4. I don’t feel no sympathy for Chris Brown stop bringing random bitches to your house and your surroundings you don’t know what these bitches are up to look the woman is a so call theft… But no his dumb ass is looking at skin color he doesn’t want a black women but he think the white color skin is any better for him… Then it was told that this girl knows his baby mother and it was all a plot to get him in trolls and now the new thing is this girl text a friend and told her friend she was going to make his dumb ass pay… I don’t feel sorry fi him that what you get enough is enough why this dumb black men don’t learn from the past lesson find a girl and settle down and stop all the random bitches… Ray J needs to stay home with his woman and stay out of trouble… Chira Brown lawyer must love the money his getting from him because the boy stay fighting cases Smdh

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