Met could you really believe this after all the man when Javanna tek pon Venal and a sell a p**y a NY and nah get nuh money fi it, she a try her luck again. Couple weeks ago I was in China and guess who I see nuh Venal and Javanna. Now come back home and go to him store who I see nuh Javanna. Now after the man live with him decent baby mother this likkle careless gal wouldn’t stop until she find her way back. Javanna u had your chance and blew it leave the man and his family alone. U will not inherit nothing from the man. Tell yuh mother to leggo the obeah she put man him. We all know yuh mother love obeah.




  1. Sender your so bitter any one who know javana and venal story know the girl has no interest dah so . It a hurt some body head she in jamaica . Stop watch the girl snap and come tell bed time story on here

  2. Smaddy come wid di scoop faaas cah me fail fi believe disss. KERRY NICKI CHARM TRISH…unnu comeyah wid di dweets pon unnu frennn

  3. Why her face down there suh affi suh narrow, it luks weird. Nobody nuh want javi venal jus a use her fi him business promotion. Gyal done out and get used and refused all ova di world & now she nuh have a soul a look pon her brukk & hungry a ask her whats di matter, venal & him hardworking half chiney woman happy and inlove waste matter jav aint no threat

  4. wait so does she have her greencard or something because im confused how can she all these places and can she come back to america? no she must her greencard dont met?

  5. Fcuk dem all yah venal..if yuh neva have yuh china money, none a dem wouldn’t want yuh.what makes u all think this new baby mama is special and that he would stay with her? Him ave more kids right?

  6. @Anon 9:34 u nevva si di big show dung wid javi and nikki pon insta & pon di wall? Dat deh frenship ova long time kerry & trish & charm a nikki fren dem suh yuh affi go call fi stassy & renee fi gi yuh javi details yassuh, venal have him wifey yah now still & him & di gyal name chrome doll a link too

  7. The one she par wid who name short Cassie f**k 90 percent of the Kingston man dem who drive hype car and now she start attack the lil uptown old man dem funny enough she is venal brother baby mother and she no have ntn a work in a the man store and a suck and f** down Kingston .. Jan is her mentor so you know she get bare fu**k and duck … The new baby momma she was a little uptown whore she was no saint but she seem to calm down since she breed … As far as me see it venal no have no luck wid women

  8. She must get the green card weh she did married fah cause she was in the USA for more than a yr and f**k fr Stats to state. Big dutty battery dolly she can’t keep friends either

  9. Fact is venal rate javanna It takes a blind person to not see that. But he doesn’t want her back because of the fact that she cheat on him so much . Worse Nino being one of whom she dash the crotch on. But di gal shame say venal lef her so she a walk and tell everyone say he’s gay. But javanna crotch as no partiality because she deh good good with shamera Todd but I think they r more of a match because hoes of a feather flock together. Such a waste a Hal though because she’s a sexy gal.

  10. wait javanna did married?? damn that shit came through quick then, thats good if she did in fact got her green card cant hate pan that

  11. So this explains why Jav was always throwing jabs at Chrome talking abt her body was fake and she always use that App to broaden her hips. Lmao

  12. Nikki do the app u mean lol all a dem a do the app all aneka and har crawny fren weh sell old looking clothes saw them weh day my man laugh till him weak the way the hip disappear

  13. Shortie don’t follow Javanna, please mi a beg u. Member you is a mother. Set an example for your daughter. Now tell me all the f**k you get and you don’t own not even a car? If you going to be a whore meck sure you have something to show.

  14. Me no think a the app nicky used even in her video on insta her butt looks a bit rounder and her hips @badone

  15. Trish y’all talking is makeup trish? If yes I’ve always wonder who her dude is or if she grow up in money

  16. Yes NIKKI no tap enhance di batty yah now cause KERRY a lead di kru so she a try keep up.. Due to how dem grine down di whola LA & VEGAS fi brand!!! Bwoy dem gal deh no ezi at all … A muss har greencard she get man , atleast she hustle dat quick so Inna my book a you a win yahso JAV… CHARM yuh siii yuuuuuu, hmph..Yuh nah learn but look what ago reach yuh dis time

  17. A true no body nah pau Javanna nuh mind. Bitch you are so plated out. Not even some good hair and clothes yoy could bring to jamaica. All yuh wear and left and old clothes you bring fi shortie. My girl guh sort out yuh life.

  18. at anon8:57 dat mi say to atleast she never a waste time she got her greencard so in my book she winning…say all you want about her but she got that shit quick fast

  19. Nicky get the butt shot dem in her apartment, so she can walk and sell puss and get more clients But Nicky u a travel state to state with no green card . Kerry I will save ur story for another day. But please try get papers before uno try stunt for IG Javana javana how you coming back from jamaica

  20. Well if she did get through im proud of u babe and @ nicky im so sorry didnt think u would waste money on that and kerry plz to buy some sense u look like a man in a female body r u going to whore your entire life? im not hating sweetie it doesnt pay off plz stop

  21. Met these girls are really selling pussy it’s not a question it’s a fact Kerry have to follow Nicky an do it because she has nowhere to go the yute kick her out how long now gal don’t have no ambition she just walk an f**k for money one of my male friends have video an pics in his phone with her sucking his dick an she letting him cum in her face I can’t believe that girl . Let me guess they gonna say people hating on them ? It’s your body to do what u want but when u doing to hype on ig an snap u are sick..

  22. These bitches don’t live nowhere. All they do is hype on Social media becaz dats what dem live for. Likes. Smh. KerryAnn & Nikki a F dem one another and a sell p*ssy fi true. Dem sleeping on floors and people couches wid dem Gucci bags and boots. MNL. these bums can only fraud for the gram. Dem don’t own a bed ina real life. Sad cases dem be.

  23. Some of u bitches talking don’t knw shit bout the gal them business…stop assume, some a unuh weh a talk same 1 a beg friends from them. Only the broke and hating ass bitches would find time to comment or Wat a next bitch life y’all sad over here thou


  25. pops gal lolololol….pops mi think yuh seh shi luv you fi you not ur money DWRL!!no money bitch gone wit the wind!

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