This need more people MET! What a way lumpy body keisha platinum come Tek up di ppl dem bwoy pickney ah show him how fi live him BEST LIE and now come drop him SPLAT like a wet baggy… No sah what a way pryme tyme a MANAGE Keisha hole when him fi a manage Grammy career mine a him carry news pon Grammy Mek dem mash up what a Bredda business this. Wah kind ah secret Keisha av fi yuh Grammy Mek yuh nah ansa A wah really coulda mash up them best life dem nuh just keep big dance in ATL mine she nuh pay him fi him services.


  1. She disgusting like shit , a dash wud pon man wah move on lef her long time , d man noh dou her nothing ,a him lef her , cause she sleep wid d boy

  2. She can gwaan like she nice long time she a fk pon him under di quiet so Mek him cheat in peace all of dem a jersey fk one another wouldn’t surprise if mi hear seh none a dem have AIDS

  3. That’s why it is important to be an independent man… much as it is to be an independent woman. When man love likes….an tek up woman wid dem tings….a dem something yah reach dem. Gyal tek libbaty of you an yuh cyaan say nutten. I do believe that he did something very hurtful to Kesha for her to do this to him. I’m sure they’ve had problems in the past …..but maybe this is something that she knows can never be fixed…. so she’s decided to just talk up di tings dem an dash out. So I guess he had it coming…. but him shoulda be more independent. Because now it seems as if his best life was lived through her and because of her. Uno love likes too much. I cannot ….for the life of me ….understand the mentality of men who allow women to support them financially. Smh. Hush Grammy Kid. A next money gyal soon tek yuh up (if yuh buddy or tongue good dem will buy yuh love). :travel :travel

  4. Not a leff,a probably Kiesha she send this in,Kiesha love attention and thrive to be the it girl.

  5. But as far as me seet woman always a nyamm out the bredda dem &left them heartbroken.Suh a guess she nevr see this coming.

  6. Lol dwrcl I thought she said they were married. Good for you Keisha no Platium. Lumpy lumpy gal swear she is some top bitch and all she does is lie. Even the house that they were living In margate she claim she bought it. Gal f**k pon Grammy not just now. She was doing this forever. She had a man when he was in jail. I don’t feel sorry for sucky sucky nyammy Grammy. He lost all his good people for big hole Keisha. Keisha did have to f**k on him because the little money she was working could not maintain him hers and the two kids. That Girl is broke and pretend like she have money. Grammy move on and live with the girl and Keshia a mad.
    Keshia is as fake as her plastic not finish body. A shame miss piggy shame.

  7. This makes no sence at all Keisha buy out Grammy from his fist wife she spend the money fi try keep him lol she is the only fool in this that’s what happy when you rent cocky shit back fire on you dumpling looking self you get fuck you should a use the money fix the fat dem pon you arm Grammy a fuck some other pussy now lol more cock out there a rent a weak to rass..

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