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I saw this photo posted on IG and my heart dropped. You know the young lady in the photo with Alkaline is Rosie (chino baby mother) and Chantal’s ( busy baby mother) sister. She just left high school a year or two ago.
I can’t believe that after seeing all the drama her sisters went through and still going through (Rosie and chino custody issues) she would travel down the same road.



  1. Nice looking young lady….. I was praying she would take a different route. So sad Rosie how you make this happen.

  2. Rosie, you need to sit your sister down and have a heart to heart. One a unno must can teck di education route and marry well..cho.

  3. I heard this is the reason why she and Rosie don’t talk and shantal sided with her. If you guys remembered Rosie also warned Shantal about busy before everything happened. Some people just have to pay to learn leave them at that.

    1. Good morning and Rosie is right she neva wanted that life for Shantal and this one run come from country come pick it up but she did hype from years back so it was only a matter of time.

      1. Gm. Met some family have some serious curse enuh and don’t be surprise if she gets pregnant (nah wish it pon a soul) and affi bring him go court too….sad.
        I hate when young girls believe that all they can offer the world is their beauty. Everyday that we live to see another day we get older and a child is born. She needs to go invest in a dam good education

  4. 8/10 times children live what them learn,weh yuh seh t0 a child goes through one ears and come through the next is what the use their eyes and see you do is what they are quick to do

    1. Poor ting in the ignorance of youth thinks she know it all and claim seh tings will be different fi she, not knowing deze man juss a use dem suh when dem gyadda togedda dem can chat and laugh afta dem.

      All she need fi focus pon is her schooling, get her education and di opportunity fi meet a good and decent man who love and adore her will come.

      1. Yep! But through them tell dem seh once dem 16 dem legal dem feel like them reach,nah put mi mouth pon har still a jus hope she open up her eyes and find her self back in school suh she can have a career to bring her through as she gets older

        (Simplicity soon sign in)

  5. I saw the pic and I was saying this girl look familiar but I can’t put my finger on it…… This is crazyyyyyy

  6. U know she is not Alka’s woman, she did a music video for him. Jamaican blog pages love run wid instagram post, most of them dont know facts.

  7. U know I was thinking the same thing. Not because u c a person in a pik with an artist that don’t mean they r together. She’s being judge because we all know abt her sistets

  8. Well wi a sound out wawning seh wi nuh want har fi teck dat road. She may nuh be none a dem ooman fi chu but a mixup site dis and wi tun oba every stone and cobwebs when story land yah. Suh wi a sound di alarm loud in har eayze drum and blare out har pupils fi heed wawning and teck high road. Wi nuh like young girls waste dem prospect ova yasso. Wi caan lick dem wid switch, but wi can lick dem wid keyboard letters.

  9. @met – what good examples Rosie setting???/ Rosie is still running the road hot becuz she have the married man and the foreign man, both who completing to take care of her lifestyle. Rosie de a road talking about the married man having other women and wanting to know where she stands. Look at her IG page (kingrosies or therealmisschin), she was demanded to deleted all her pictures that she put up showing off all the things the man do for her and to keep it on the down low. She was crying and posting pictures things of her sadness. So if the sister following in her foot steps, she have a long road to travel.

  10. All y’all doing is judging this f***g little girl , not because you see someone in a picture means they’re together .. Millions of people take pictures with artist and nobody spread rumors about them being together , so what about her ?? You guys should hop off this little girls case and mind y’all business , f***g disgusting …

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