Wicked yanique, what a way u a @ kelly bout good food and good vibes and good friends and u know u chat the gal like dog. U f**k u fren Dem man and  U hate and badmind everybody that is doing better than u because u bruk. U ugly hairdresser chat u to but I guess she found out that u ain’t real. U hate spice because she doing better than u, And yes wi know U always a chat spice. U hate javana because u and her fucking shampoo (p.s. javana hear back everything that u chat about her )., u hate loud fashion because she’s doing better than u. U hate shensea because she gone international and u still have to be fucking all these men to get a money . All u do is walk and tell lies , dash out u dirty crotches weh full a semen and mix up people . U is the liadest gal pon Earth. All now u can’t get ahead in life because you’re very wicked n badmind. U always play Innocent knowing  that you are very evil. U is one big wutlis gal but Karma will reach u b**h . 


  1. This sounds very mek up ish. Den how she naa reach nowhere and a open restaurant and seems to always live a stable and elevating life? Leave the woman alone

    1. Sender -clearly you have something personal against her . Why you never inbox her since you are speaking to her directly ?
      … oh , ok …best to post it here….

  2. Which shampoo nuh Javana get LPN nursing degree weh day she nah work she still a fuck down the place like girl go
    And work you have the degree now put it to use

  3. Eeee that a gwan,y she no start an only fanz to? That’ll generate some good income for her,no badda go show d batty and breast fi likkle and nutten girl. U spend money fi get it so mek it mek u mek money lol,do like ishy mek d rich white men fly u out and wine and dine u and collect lef music alone cause it not working in u favor. Happy new year met.

  4. Sender u sure she broke ? Didnt she said her mom died left some money and she wanted a good man to help her invest it? So me lost. Anyway met me did miss u ❤

  5. Dirty Javana fuk everything my god .. pass round girl dam …girl you gave no principle , your family must shame of you

    1. and what of your deed? difference is its not public….I dont think there is another front these mixup ppl love watch so , not even dem own…aye sah….Yanique , you a meet it

  6. well a now she ago Blooclat hate Donesha. Pinky you can tank me lata fi di news but donesha worker win lotto and the wicked gal want half di money gyal wicked bad

  7. Dirty shampoo Weh used to live a Bronx him run Weh from Bronx and de a Florida a hide cuz him wanted him chat yanique like dog an chat alla di. Gal dem him dehhh wid spice effortless. Chin. Shannon Weh him pisss up pan && di list goes on

    1. same suh , the difference is dat dem is not pub lic figure an dem bex…. BUT , dem night always turn to Day at some point

  8. So it wouldn’t be the first both Javana & Yanique fucking the same men. Both were fucking Bolt & Gary British.
    Please send in Shampoo. The rest of ladies. Spice effortless looks damn good in Miami though

  9. Shampoo deh wid yanique and Javana and chin and the other gal that do bottle service me forget her name ..feds a look for him so him run way .. javana can cool off now she take too much all the man a LA she deh wid now , she no want him she just a take him a wonder if them still a deal because jav never a par with him a Florida ..yanique you and her need to cool the punany now

  10. Javana fuck man like dog. Har hole nuh retire yet? All di man dem weh she a fuck and still nuh have nuttin fi show. She nuh stop friend di scammer gal dem suh she can wear dem clothes go a party. Javana all these man you tek and nothing to show. Smh. We know you just love fuck you nuh really want nothing from them. You’re a nympho we get it now. Lol sad sad sad.

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