1. She looks dry out & Tracy never had the scar before . Can’t believe this beautiful Girl just stayed around in dancehall & being dissolve awayyyyyy , just know for looks & face ;(

  2. dat scars reminds mi of so many ladies back home in Ja dat had c-section nd de doctor dem did a charge extra fi bikini cut suh a nabel tuh belly bottom wan most ladies had…wat eva caused hers hope everything gud now

    1. OMG Simpli! Di dacta dem didda chawge fi get bikini cut, di nabel to belly scar dem a di ugliest scars ever. Some a di ooman scar dem look like fawtyleg liddung pon dem belly.

  3. Quena yuh know yuh nuh easy. Mi see yuh comment an mi jus buss out a laff. Den yuh cudden give we did full hundred Quena. Yuh jus come drop dat an gone so. Please Ms Quena…..can you give Cita the full hundred. Thnx boooooo.

    1. not in this day and age. I had one in March. It is below the bikini line. sometimes I forget it’s there because it’s so low that hair covers it…lol

  4. Good Morning Met and bloggers!,
    @ Londoner I’m sure your mom had her c- section done in the 60s or 70s if not earlier. This woman lives in America, where healthcare technology is advanced, c section site does not cut like that.

      1. My c section was an emergency. I had a tubal pregnancy that erupted and was causing internal bleeding. I had to have a c section to remove one of my tubes. It was well below the bikini line. It could have been from fibroids like you said. My friend have some ugly scars from that.

  5. Must have been an emergency for doctors in advanced America to do that type of cut? Dont think it was fibroids as she didnt have a big belly. Gallstones?
    PQ….tell wi what u kno, wha kina statement dat? U a hide tings

  6. unno need fi stop tell tracy leave dancehall cuz she nah luk ar listen it has tuh be her free will maybe its more dan her joy its her peace of mind…she nuh luk suh happy since she cum frm jail maybe loose couple money links suh she jus deh deh suh

  7. Even if it was emergency they wouldnt cut her like that, she must have didn’t have any insurance so she went to a butcher and a the butchering plus bad skin left that awful scar. Most if not all the C-section is a bikini cut which you wont see in a panties. The only time they will cut you like that now for birth is IF you already had the cut so the reopen the same spot gor every other birth

  8. Met the pics on the site don’t load on the mobile version of the site even though the adds load before the story itself. I kaint pree a thing

  9. I saw her on the ave I was surprise they picture look better than they face but more surprise she and her friends sound so illiterate. All they was talking about was cloths but it was how they sound that draw my attention to them. Not hating just sad when I see how backward we people of color going

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