lisa got it like dat…har birthday bus party was turnt up with a surprising guest rico di cuban..if i laugh i dead


  1. Dutty Lisa happenings was off camera O Lisa did have her good good man pon the bus and a pare suck out tongue and all her panty him a buss O the freaksss come out with a few shots

  2. The special guest wrong Oooo it should be Erniee AKA One don is him and lisa star the show a lisa zaddy that pure kiss up am like p.o.p hold it down

  3. The special guest part wrong oooo it should be Ernieee Aka one Dan because a him and Lisa star up the show a Lisa zaddy that pure kiss up and bare things am like P.O.P hold it down it .. Too much for the camera

  4. A nuh party bus dis a freak gone wild bus dis these gyal is a big disgrace witch gyal can a slap slap up my batty suh n a whine up pon mi n gwan suh wit mi…..nosah smfh

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