Since she say we like to put up negativity about her in the wall . I want to show her in positive light she actually doing good and her son Tavon with bald head graduated high school and is in college . She been staying out of trouble and away from the hype life . So congrats Shush and continue the good work and stay out of trouble


  1. Oh that’s great, Job well done Bald Head on the raising of your Son, good to hear he is attending college! As to Shush, nice to hear she is staying out of trouble. Does that mean she stop theft and how about work…is she working now? Just want to know what level of good she’s doing?

  2. I follow her on Snap and she has made a complete 360. She seems to be all about God, her kids, work and school. Keep it up Shushanna! Your kids need you hun!

  3. Congrats Shushanna!Stay away from those fake friends and raise your kids nothing but downfall in that party life.I’m Glad you are seeing the light.


  5. Yes girl! Having certain people and elements block your growth. Please I beg you continue. Get an education it’s vital!! You can pick and choose your path. May God bless you. Keep up the good work.

  6. Congrats Shush may the Lord continue to bless u and your family, glad to c that your son is going on to College. U look great in this pic, it takes courage and discipline to leave that lifestyle behind, GOOD FOR YOU. God can change any situation


  8. SHushanna you stop the hype life and turn to God because the bracelet is on your f**king foot and you cannot go certain places at night so you live the hype life on your phone in everybody biz and chat all of your friends because you bitter and miserable and pretending like you changed. You aint change nothing, you into everything same way just in your house because the FEDS have you on lock. All of a sudden God this and GOD that …wish you COULD still run the road and in the hype life so you always on you phone chatting and jealous of the people dem. NObody love mixup and love chat people like Shushanna.You think that tall bird nice…all pretending like she turn over a new leaf…a she you say name phonemouthmurderer. Yes she take care of her kids but still do RETURNS for store credits and all those other stuff, she just cannot go to dances and she know she cannot get catch thiefing. She sell credit for people and still doing the same she still get thiefing. YOu mek Shushanna trick unno.

  9. Shushanna deh dance other day with her bracelet on her foot she know the 3 letter has hers under lock anyway congrats to her son for graduating from hs

  10. Yes we know she lie bitter and wicked like wha deadly bad with her mouth and lies chat her friend dem like wha make up things gal is a Satan but big up her son str

  11. Ole nastiness, anonymous 3:31 wid the black heart and yuh dutty mind, yea you, them send call you fi Shushanna, u think you can dim Shushanna light, what a way u hurt, because u hear the people them praise Shushanna, and talk up the good things, but mi deh fi you, hi mek me tell you this, is not America Shushanna come where brand, she born a wear labels and piece, before she reach USA, Apple and the whole them know this is facts, so what if she have a bracelet on her foot, it teach her discipline, and she is getting older, and know her priorities are her kids, not 10 thousand dollar boot and clothes, she been there, and dash weh that now, it bun you because people a celebrate Shushanna from keeping out of trouble, so you come with this, but you can’t tear her down with your negativity, she just get a work a Manhattan, so go and kill u self, Shushanna not changing no credit, ole serpent from hell, is not Shushanna mek the people them live pan uno name like caterpillar pan pepper tree, yes her son doing excellent in school, mek that kill you 2 more time, we thank God for the bracelet, cause out of bad comes good, so ppl like you can’t chew her name like bubble gum, go and use uno money for a down payment on house, low Shushanna, her life happy, she not in the spot light, cause she not getting paid to pretend to be a celebrity, hyping for gram, her house comfortable and clean, she nuh hungry and she have clothes fi last her for a next 5 years, nothing fake from the chinny, with that said, go and SYM 50 times 100, when you done, go drown u self in a shit, badmind get the best of you.

  12. She nuh lie more than you, she nuh wicked more than you, she nuh chat her friend more than you, them chat her too, look how you come over ya, fi come out her shine, chat out uno nastiness yes, then chat deh pan uno, the world and his wife a chat uno, so wah, uno BC poppy show, and laughing stock, so chat uno yes. Big clown, uno gi her what to talk, so uno nuh celebrity? The only thing is uno don’t get pay, ole fart uno.

  13. @8:27 & @8:36 Sushanna it sound like a Apple, Jay pikecon, Robbas and batty man Daffisha weh clothes never look good on yet no care the brand clothes wear him you a talk lol she say them a fake celebrity and she right although i don’t rate you too jail bird Sushanna who go jail for 10$ Halloween costume only a fool like you do that and get lock up multiple times to go and thief in Vc panty and bra so shout the f**k up and just bill and stop carry on like you a somebody

  14. Shushanna stay on her phone and chat and badmind everyone. All she have a pure long time clothes and shoes .. very badmind because she stuck like truck. Shushanna we know is you send in the long paragraph throwing words on Apple and Bobbette them because you secretly hate that they out here doing dem thing. Remember you work for the FEDS that is why you not home yet.

  15. Leave Shushanna tf alone! Unna big hole gyal nuh hav nothing Betta fi do then to chat Shushanna go take care of your kids and stop worry about her. She’s doing good and minding her business and unna still ah worry bout har. If you know Shushanna like unna say you know har then you know that Shushanna have clothes and live the hype life way before nuf ah unna and she’s alright she nah teif nobody clothes and she still look good. Like I said she’s minding her business and all of you haters should do the same.

  16. For your information, anonymous 12: 40 am, this is not Shushanna, and I am not talking about the above named people, is you mi a chat, you obeah dolly, you hate Kerryann and Apple them like poison, you bad mind and you grudge the people them, cause can’t keep a job, you work too much obeah, a curse deh pan you, you mek u self obvious, because of the way how u envious, so mi know is you a follow up the post, while you there watching Shushanna pass, she is heading for a brighter future, while u a getting your regular beating from God, all uno pickney come and beat some uno, till all uno muma a get beating, don’t worry about Shushanna bracelet, out of bad comes good, who God bless no man can curse, and you can stay deh waste you finger behind the pink wall, cause u can’t tell Shushanna that in a her face, and again this not Shushanna, she have no time fi u, you know your self, and I know you, is not now you bad mine, u bad mine the whole a Shushanna friend them, that’s why you nah go no futher from weh u deh hiding like myself bakka the pink wall, the only thing is i am progressive, and you is a none entity, showing Shushanna elevating herself up the ladder of success, while u a dead wid envy, u better guh out the candle weh u a bun cause it nah help you keep a job.

  17. No one envy any theif unu stop it ya man and shushanna better deliver are else 3 letter going to be very unhappy lol The cooling will help society lol

  18. Big Sunday morning uno still deh pan the ppl them? Leave Velma name, Metty please mi a ask you fi mek this crow bait know seh is not Velma or Shushanna responding to her nastiness, leggo the ppl them, them nuh guilty, is because mi call you out, so must believe a the ppl them, but it’s me, the eyes behind the pink wall, u need to change from u dirty evilous ways, wish people well, when you see they’re making a head away and a clean start, no, you couldn’t leave well alone, you had to run in with your envious comments, and I know it’s you, and I called you out, not Velma or Shushanna, and Met can confirm this, so guh light u candle fi find out who mi be, but be careful this time u house nuh bun dung, u obeah dolly wretch you.

  19. But how she must go places or stay out late with ankle bracelet, ??? as it come off she outside, all that she is doing she must , it’s all in her probation, she has no more chances if they HOLD her again. Her job report has to go in for the judge, her school report has to go in, so yes, she have to change for her probation . SHE didn’t get time or anything because of her kids , plus other ppl that send in letters to the judge on her behalf .

  20. A who she a talk couldnt me different person but we all know her lol poor unu and unu obeah candle madness unu go church and go pray to god bout unu obeah god go beat the whole a unu you see I don’t even know who or which Dolly unu John crows talking

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