The Westmoreland divisional commander attributes the success of the suspect’s capture, as well as the boasting of one of the best clear-up rates in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, to the system implemented in the parish, which is geared towards identifying perpetrators of crime within a two-day span.
“Westmoreland is on top in the entire Jamaica in terms of the clear-up rate. And our system that we have put in place, within 48-hours, if we don’t make an arrest of a robber or one who commits murder, we can tell who did it. And because of that capability, we were able to really nab that individual (shooter in Canadian visitor’s murder),” Superintendent White remarked.

He was speaking during a tourism stakeholders meeting hosted by Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett at Couples Swept Away Resort in Negril on Friday.

Bartlett welcomed news of the police breakthrough in the case.

“That declaration that we were able to nab the alleged shooter is important that we must get into the marketplace”, Bartlett remarked.

He was, however, critical of the media for what he described as “sensationalising” reports of a Canadian travel advisory in the wake of the visitor’s murder.

“I want to say to all our friends, including our wonderful media partners, that we mustn’t be anxious to purvey negative and bad news, even before we check to find out either the origin or the intention of the news that is coming out,” he cautioned.

He argued that the Canadian advisory, “in fairness, is a regular update that they do on all destinations”.

“This advisory was an advisory for all the destinations that Canadians visit — I went through and I saw them, and they are able to rank each country in relation to the safety as they see it. And, therefore, they made the point that Jamaica has a low incidence of crime against tourists,” the tourism minister pointed out.

“The interesting thing for Negril is that if this was an advisory directed at Jamaica, the recent incident here in Negril would have been highlighted. But in naming the places that they regard as risky for visitors, Negril was not mentioned. And yet we have caused almost panic in some quarters in the marketplace. I want to just say to us, hello, maybe if it bleeds it leads, but we have to consider the impact in our destination and our economy,” Bartlett said.

The Canadian Government recently upgraded its travel advisory to its citizens who want to visit Jamaica, warning them to exercise a high degree of caution when travelling to Jamaica because of the high levels of crime.

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