0 thoughts on “SWAG ADMIRER

    1. Lol Real hahahahaha no man u mash up mi meds :hammer :hammer :hammer
      This person look like dem a try bank roll the swag ya man

  1. Met yuh need fi start charge fi yuh match making services …every 2 day a woman a “admire & a try glean information ” ova yah whoa me baddy from I born undah Jesus yellow sun mi neva experience dis

    1. To ADMIRE does not mean that you WANT. I for one take great PLEASURE in looking at his pictures posted.

  2. i love when i man dress like a man i hate this swag bullshit look how far him pants waist deh worst hair braid bwoy go trim

    1. I agree. But then I’ve always had an aversion to “pretty men”. Now women have to fight to keep housekeeping money in the family pot sake a man who needs his hair braided in the salon, as opposed to paying less for a shape up in the barber’s? GTFOH!

      1. Him nuh ugly, but him certainly not pretty either! Plaits & two shiny tight clothes do not make a man pretty – maybe high maintenance, but no pretty!

  3. this is a fishstake ..(in my bounty voice ) i like a man who dress like a man ..his swag is f**kery kwesi dwl u funny u still sleeping unda yu sista bed rassclattttt bout BOSS kwesi yes him work fi true enuh pon 5th inna the night .wid him batty lmaoooooo …u not fooling nobody all our labels come from ioffer and alie dwl

  4. SWAG? Everybody dresses like this today. Moreover he is giving trying too hard tees and if I see one more fake Ferragamo and Guissepi shoes I am gonna scream. Instead of looking a dance boy/man whose face whiter than yours, why not find a REAL MAN, uno always see the boy boy dem in a dance and run go tek dem and get shit up!! When unno ago learn..

  5. Plus you don’t see him a TRY de screw face thing and a act like TUGS…girl bye…in that fake pleather and fake belt… this look like a shit up buddy and smell like one from afar…run…memba mi did warn you…unno fi control uno fire craches…leave the boy dem alone bout you a look danceboy ….a so unno end up get diss because as you tek him…get shit up…him gone again…

  6. That’s not a Giuseppe u got on in that pic stupid low life the hate is real y’all don’t know designer shoes & clothes when y’all see ppl doing good in life y’all jus love hate smh get y’all life together an leave the young man alone.

  7. He the freshest guy on IG I would love to meet him does shoes he got on name supra made by justin bieber the celebrity y’all need to grow up smh only low life ppl talk negative bout ppl big up yuh self Kwesilaunchaz f**k haters live yh life yute.

  8. I would love to meet this guy one day he the freshest guy on IG & FB he got a lot of haters I see I notice he a real humble person he don’t pay mind to negative ppl does shoes he got on name : supra the celebrity that name Justin bieber he made does shoes y’all always watching ppl life an y’all happy not even half happy like him continue stay humble Hun an enjoy the beautiful life u living f**k haters u handsome as phuck wit a really nice image so ppl going to always hate on u do your thing Hun.

  9. You seem to want dis man so bad you all know who design him shoes and you just praising him so much as the freshest…gwann go get shit up…mi nah stop you mi love

  10. He is battyman!!!!! Look at him kmt. Ugly! Always beggin money from someone kmt. My friend use to talk to him and she said he always beggin her money so she cut him off and him get mad and start talk a bag ah tings. Ah real battyman

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