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  1. Mi like Tanto Blacks alot lol; the likkle bit whem have him work wid it ah is ah very proud yute…now, I totally agree wid weh DeMarco ah seh bout Konshens…afta mi watch di 20 odd minute video whem fling up ah cock up im foot like big gal, mi now si seh Konshens is ah BIG miserable bitch who is very much so full of himself…an arrogant, self serving n’ self centered ASSHOLE!!!…di pawt weh really bun mi feem is when him start explain how Jamaica people dem dark ah him supposedly can get ah man killed fe any likkle reason but feem freedom more important dan that of a dead man ah plenty people depend pan I’m fe eat ah food…Konshens, you are a f***kking JACKASS!!! I sat, watched and listened to your video and your words, along with your body language and demeanor…said ALOT!!!…di yute neva buss up yuh face good enough..brite!!!…bout yuh crew gang ah beat di man,afta him buss up yuh face ah like ah scene outta di movie, yuh come part di crowd ah yank yuh man dem aafa di yute fe save im life…yuh comeen like ah sneaky pussiole weh wi harbor feelings ah mek big public speech like ah mash yuh ah mash war ah bring about peace when really ah set yuh ah try fe set up people fe get hurt suh when it happen yuh can seh ah nuh you dweet…with an attitude like yours, you have just lost me as a fan because you are devious and conniving, ana people like you mi always leary of…gwaan f**kk wid people ah see wa ago reach yuh, yere?!…next time yuh decide fe duh ah nex talk up video ah cock up yuh foot, wear ah skirt…

    1. Yep a so mi tink to him jus wah look humble…but him speech a hold up di cockiness …evryting a me me me …bout him a deal wid income ..and a slap di two phone dem pon him thigh him really different …..him ego really big …right now walk and talk seh him nuh HOT …and him dont HOT

      1. Real, one ting wid me is mi aguh hear every side tuh every story ah call truth…fuss ting mi si dis bwoy cock up him foot like ah show off him wa show off him Burberry sneakers ana play play roun wid im 2 iPhone dem like ah ketch im wa di camera ketch dem like him frighten fe name bran tingz…den as im ah talk, im ah try play like ah him name Robin Hood ah how him mek poor people get rich, ah him ah feed people, is him mek people eat ah food, everybody ah dem mumma depend pon him one fe survival…him him him…den what really rub mi the wrong way is when him decide fe mek ah ned point by dissing Jamaican people bout seh wi dark ah anyting ah anyting, but while apologizing, him ah seh him naah promote violence cause if him want di man dead di man woulda dead long time if not for him…den ah come talk bout im nuh wa si certain man roun im nuhmore…is eida you ana man ah friend or not, plain ah simple…Real, who tha fucckk does dis nigga think he is??

        1. YOW Yu si how him a show di burberry shoes ???
          and him claim seh him have sho line and him inna nex designer shoes ???/ then he said: wid him blood up face him use him MIGHTY MOUSE hand dem a tek up two man offa kswiss cause dem woulda kill him ……him jus implicate himself …..di bwoy shoulda sue him fi attempted murder …………..All mi try like how him reason mi jus cah tek him cockyniss him a gwaan a like him a di prime minister

      1. LOL!! Itsme, no mi naah talk bout sex :hammer…mi mean di man proud ah im likkle ole beat up Volvo an im always come across tuh me as ah very grateful and proud yute…he is funny as hell too lol..

  2. Richie Feelings mi love yuh energy. Jah Know ur a comedian. Demarco ur right Konshens need fi go sidung n remember where him coming from.

  3. unno leave konshen alone. All j’can cocky & boasey & love dem brands big deal get unu life demarco is worse cocky unu nuh see that wid him stay bad self bun up

  4. ********************None a wi nuh know weh tomorrow may bring cah Di future deh hours away
    So mi a live my life today, mi a live my life Today yeah
    So low mi mek mi talk weh mi waan fi talk mi Have nuff mi say
    So mi a go live my life today, mi a go live my life today

  5. Big uo tuh di whole Talk Yuh Mind crew…Live, Laugh, Love and have fun…ah great sense ah humor betta dan pocket money….

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