Met this is my last post about this girl. She needs serious. Her friends can confirm and her family need to help her.

Tasha you are not winning. All the Obeah you work on the man, his wife and kids going to turn back on you. You need to find your self esteem my girl. Them have cheap and clean and not one thing you can put on can look good. I don’t know why boom pickney them love obeah soh. Ouny tek off ah ouny mumma.

Met this man pick up this girl to have s*x with him and his baby mother. Yes thresome with him and his baby mother and him other women them out of road. This man don’t have nothing but a bag ah pickney but because him name Dennis and come from Red Hills she think she arrive.

The man get married and goh ah foreign little most this gyal mad. Talk about she going to commit suicide, magga down start f**k every and any man she can find until naked picture of her circulating on men phone. Her friends them wont tell her the truith

Yes he sent you to school for hairdressing and you still cyan do hair good but that nuh enough for him to walk all over you and ring out your batty.

You chat bout the wife more that how you chat bout the man. Be yourself why would you want to change yourself to be like her. You said the woman boring and bare noise she mek when the man f**k her and any way you set youset like freezer.. So if you so good why you have to continue doing thr*esome.. why you think you must get your friends and little pickney for you and the man to f**k. You remember the first time the man f**k you in your batty and you come tell me how yuh batty ah hurt you until you turn around talking about it is the new thing. That man is a dyam battyman.

You said the man come back ah Jamaica and give yuh wholesale in ah st. Mary…we never see yuh life improve and with in 3 months the wholesale lock down. Gyal yuh salt..yuh hands dirty. Ah nuh reader man yuh goh ah Obeah man. Yuh all guh fi breed and if yuh breed mi sorry fi that child. Yuh tie the man! Remember when the woman get pregnant with her kid and you seh yuh must kill them and the pickney end up in hospital fi how long when them come Jamaica.. God nah sleep. The people them can come confirm.

Yuh team up with the man baby mother fi mash up the people them marriage talking bout ouny was first. Gyal that ah nuh nothing fi say. Yuh nasty and mad yuh ah talk bout the woman mad and come from mad family Gyal ah yuh man and nuh have no sense

Now me have a message fi the wife. Lady guard you and your kids. This girl hate your guts because you married to the man and you breed fi him. If she every hold any of your pickney them dog nyam you and them supper. Run left that husband of yours and this nasty idiot gyal. Her Obeah soon catch up with her.
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  1. Funny how women really feel like sey this obeah thing is going to last forever. GOOD over evil. These dog shit feel like its okay to mash up people life an they will get the man an live happily ever after. You dumb F@$KS OBEAH bring generational curse. If you live long enough you an your pickney dem will be doomed. I see these stupid cunts obeah dem baby father an put them on child support (hoe you stupid) pickney,obeah, nor sucking don’t keep a man…SO tired of these waste element that can’t keep a man resort to obeah. Then they brag about it…B@#%H brag about the fact that your hole in miserable that you have to go to a obeah man to help you keep him. The wife shouldn’t leave her husband cause at the end of the day that same B@@@H thats doing her obeah is going to have to ansa to the devil.

  2. I know this girl I also know Clive and his wife Julian. The wife is pregnant with Clive third child and was in Jamaica at his family house. I hope the wife gets prayers nothing beats prayer and psalms my girl.Read your psalms and go on your knees for her and pray to the almighty.

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