met after this gal dis her baby father and go pick up garbage ,Tash why u think chilla never ago give you bun stop call the other woman phone .tash with the man problems bagwhite must a laugh after you right now 


  1. Den a when mi see di white shopping bag mi jus drop a grung. Dwllll Ms. METH yuh think u easy . :tkp :tkp :tkp :supermaho :supermaho

  2. Bag white leave the girl alone, u a call di bwoy garbage like u a prize. She definitely has a type, street bwoy=losers

  3. Bagwhite nuh need tash inna him life how him fi a trash gal .bagwhite up inna real life chilla broke and nuh live no were a jameaica unn leave bagwhite alone

  4. Bag white is a battyman him a have the Mexican a la fuck him fi weed right before him get deport the last time

  5. shawmsharp look like u vex cause baywhite never want to fuck you and yuh vexx.unno leave him the fuck alone.Tash shoot chinchilla and im going to make califonia knw about it so.

  6. The mixup is still going on it makes no sense. The bagwhite whatever him name is not a beauty, if his deported or back in cali who really cares, and who cares who his with, people in LA pull too much style and they are not worth the expense clothes they wear.

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