U dnt see tashamay is not fool. The boy have money an him look frighten to have girl like she so she turn wife with a quickness. Champion Jockey. I dnt wrong her. Half of everything. But u dnt see them not kissing mouth to mouth in not one of the pictures. Something dnt right.

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  1. She want a champion jockey, fi siddung inna dat deh tretch weh saggle. Tanisha naw laugh wid di road. From Alozade to Vybz Kartel, From Vybz Kartel to di top man ah Philly, from di top man ah Philly to fi cutting table for the face to hip make over, from di face to hip make over to di name change, from fi name change to fi grand opening of Tashamay’s Legs and clothing boutique, from di grand or re opening shall I say to a trailer load ah man, from di trailer load to Konshens, from Konshens back to di trailer load, AND NOW, from di trailer load to di CHAMPION BUBBLING JOCKEY WEH FI HIM WEDDING RING DEM NEAR LIKE EYE WATER. I kaintttt!

    Metttttttt and the whole family, good morning! !!!

  2. met fi once mi a beg yuh shut dung dis one…..i dont know di woman nor di man…..but fi di love of god……jah rastafari…jehova…buddha and any odder gods inna dis world……leff di ppl dem alone……if somewhere down di line now it come out say she a f**k round pon di man den so be it and run di file….but fi di love a god…..mek di hoe do her turn as a housewife in piece……..

  3. @ we nuh pet ppl, obviously we pet wi pu&*y, cuz all that pu&*y principle and weh we get? We need fi stop pet it and dash it out like how we used to dash out wi clothes wata wen we done wash. Mi nuh know dem but if mi coulda request a song it woulda be Percy Sledge, “Take Time To Know Her.”
    Happy Saturday and Good Morning, Met, and all Metters.

  4. Describe to me weh unnu mean by the term have money because unnu tend fi a use the have money term very loosely and wrongly.. Explain fi him have money term fi me please sender!

  5. Dutty tasha may u done it again, greedy gal can’t satisfy, u husband the champion jockey walk out a di marriage, u done di poor jockey money u is a craven gal. All man beware of Delilah

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