A taxi driver faced the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week for reportedly dropping his pants and showing the police his buttocks when they tried to accost him for using indecent language.

The accused, Chester Davis, was arrested and charged with indecent exposure, resisting arrest and driving with no insurance coverage.

However, last Thursday when he appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate (RM) Judith Pusey he denied the allegations.

“What you mean by indecent exposure?” the magistrate asked.

“Him drop him pants, your honour,” the liaison officer answered.

“What happen, the pants belt gave way?” she jokingly asked Davis.

“Your honour, I never expose myself, I was wearing a shorts,” Davis said.

As a result, his bail was extended for him to return to court on June 26. He was also told to go to the Traffic Court on July 17 to answer to the traffic offence.

According to police reports, on May 16 police personnel were on their way to court when Davis, who was travelling in his motor car, swerved on the road in front of the court and uttered several expletives.

He was reportedly heard by the police who chased him to Molynes Road where he ran onto a business place, pulled down his pants and exposed himself to the lawmen to prevent them from arresting him.

However, the police called for back-up and he was taken into custody and charged.

Man admits to cheating

with his neighbour

There was laughter in the court on Tuesday after an accused man openly confessed that he was a cheater and that his cheating was the cause of the problem between him and his woman.

“All this is coming from cheating,” he said. “I am a cheater, I go as near as next door.”

Berchel Mayne was dragged before the court for hitting his common-law wife in her back, causing bruises and swelling and assaulting a police officer by tearing his shirt when he was being arrested

Interestingly, Mayne, before his confession, initially blamed the complainant for causing the problem between them.

“Your Honour, she is a very nice woman but she ignorant,” he said while claiming that she always attacked him with a weapon.

“Your Honour, one time she run me down on the road in a tights and brassiere with a chopper, a stone and a cutlass,” he said.

Mayne then told the court that he was a good man in his community, a good man to the complainant, and treated her well.

The magistrate then asked him if he did not hit the complainant and he admitted that he did but said he was innocent of the other charges of resisting arrest, assaulting a constable and malicious destruction of property.

However, the complainant who fathered three children by Mayne during their 14-year relationship, denied Mayne’s report and told the court that he was an abusive man who had hit her several times, even during pregnancy.

“Your honour, that’s not true, ask anybody in the community, I never hit her before. I am not a woman beater,” he said.

Mayne then told the court that the complainant had thrown him out of the house since the incident and he was suffering.

“I am a well-dressed person and look at me,” Mayne said, suggesting that his clothes no longer fit because of the amount of weight he had lost.

“So you really want to be with her?” Pusey asked.

Mayne did not answer but told the court that the relationship took a downhill turn after he lost his job last year.

He said that after he moved out he went to the house one day and saw a Rastaman sitting on the veranda.

“Luckily a never in the house you see him, how you a cheater and that frighten you,” Pusey said amidst laughter.

The magistrate then told him that he was to be blamed, as he wanted to “spread his joys around and go back home”.

Pusey then turned to complainant and told her that she was not entirely blameless and should accept some of the responsibility but she said she was not at fault and just wanted Mayne out of her life.

“I didn’t do him nutten more dan tell him it’s over,” she said.

Pusey then asked her if there was any possibility that she and Mayne could work out the matter, and she said the relationship was over for good.

As a result, Mayne was ordered to pay $5,000 or serve six months for the assault. He is to return to court on June 11 for trial on the other charges.

Man claims he was trying to steal phone to feed babymother

A young man who told the court that he tried to rob a woman of her cellular phone because his ‘babymother’ was hungry and he did not have any money, found himself in deeper trouble after he lied to a lawyer who tried to assist him in court.

Roshaun Whyte was arrested and charged with assault and attempted larceny of a cellular phone after he reportedly attacked a woman and tried to wrestle her cellular phone away from her.

But on Tuesday when he appeared in court he told RM Pusey: “I never assault this woman, I just did a try fi tek har phone.”

“So why you wanted to rob the phone?” the magistrate asked.

“Cause me babymada did hungry and me neva have nuh money,” Whyte answered.

Based on Whyte’s response, attorney-at-law Franklyn Haliburton intervened and told the court that he would like to assist.

Shortly after, Haliburton told the court that Whyte had informed him that he recently finished serving a sentence in prison and that he uses marijuana.

When the magistrate enquired about the length of the sentence, Halliburton said that Whyte was given a 12-month sentence for assault.

The magistrate then asked Whyte if he was certain about the sentence and he told the magistrate that it was she who had sentenced him but that he had only served eight months.

But Pusey told him that his assertion could not be true as she does not send people to prison for a year for assault and scolded him for lying.

“I applaud Mr Halliburton for getting up to help you but what annoys me is that your client has taken advantage of your assistance,” she said.

“Stop talking foolishness ’bout I send you to prison for assault. If the lawyer is helping you, the least you can do is tell him the truth,” RM Pusey said to Whyte.

“I am very sorry ma’am,” Whyte then mumbled.

The lawyer then tried to further assist White but the magistrate told him that he had done enough and postponed Whyte’s sentence, noting that she could not sentence him at that moment when she was so angry with him.

He was then remanded for sentencing on Tuesday.

Boy bites mother on his lips

A 19-year-old student chef who was hauled before the court for biting his mother on her lips during an argument was instructed to go home and read Ephesians 1, 1-5 and Proverbs 6.

The teenager, Nicholas Pottinger, was sternly reprimanded by the magistrate after he told the court that he bit his mother because he had a bad day and because some people had said some things to him that he did not like. Added to that, Pottinger said that he also had a fight with his girlfriend on that day.

But he told the court that he has since apologised to his mother and is looking to get some counselling for anger management. His mother also told the court that he had enrolled in a mentorship programme.

When RM Pusey questioned Pottinger about the programme he said he was pleased with it and was of the view that he needed a male influence in his life as he had lived all his life only with his mother.

But his responses did not sit well with the magistrate who told him that his behaviour was outrageous and that she was not going to feel sorry for him as he was no different from thousands of other children in the island who are raised in a single- parent home. She also told him that he was privileged.

“You seem like a reasonable person who have sense and the things that have happened are things you can cope with,” the magistrate said to him. “This lady should not be your victim.

“Whatever the challenges, she must never suffer. Don’t ever lift your hand against her because when the chips are down she will always be there. Whenever you angry try to find a nice part of the concrete wall and thump it up,” RM Pusey stated.

The magistrate then instructed Pottinger to turn up at the Intervention Court on June 9 so that she could speak to him further, as he was not in need of any spoon-feeding but needed to hear the “hard cold facts of life”.

She then told him go home and read the same scriptures.

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