0 thoughts on “#TBT

  1. i was about to say the same thing LOL
    ninja coulda almost get it back in the day *covers face*
    he also kind of favor mavado now – the rich mavado not gully side mavado lol

  2. Look pan Ninja, bock in dah day..all hab good good up muskel and all. Ninjah di only ting wah nuh change a u lip and yei dem..lol. Face did look right back den and nuh sink innah di cheek..lol. All wah a galang lubb mi some Ninja…lol

  3. Wow!!!! What a difference. Ninja not aging gracefully at all. I think Ninja needs a steady diet of heathy food and some dental work. Yuh can tell him missing some teeth cause him jaw sides dem too sunken. When yuh a entertainer an inna de public face, yuh fi tek care and fix up yuhself.

    1. But Kunta ninjaman mash up long time because mi never remember him ever looking like this…coke really mash up people

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