Paul Thomas, 55, a teacher at Wolmer’s Girl High School, in Kingston, was yesterday freed of a charge of indecent assault of an eleven-year-old girl when he appeared before the St Andrew Parish Court.

At the trial, prosecutors reported that Mr Thomas touched the child inappropriately when she visited his St Andrew home on January 11, 2015. The matter was reported to the police, and following an investigation, the History teacher was arrested and charged. However, at the hearing, Mr Thomas strongly denied the allegations.

Mr Thomas, who is also a Netball Coach, told the trial that he was showing the child netball moves and at no time did he touch her.

In closing arguments, his attorney, Vincent Wellesley, attacked the credibility of the Crown’s case and urged the presiding Parish Judge, Maxine Ellis, to dismiss the case. After deliberating on the evidence, Judge Ellis agreed with the attorney’s submissions and ordered the release of Mr Thomas.


  1. Suh yuh mean fi tell mi seh yuh affi bring har a yuh yawd fi show har netball move. No man dis nuh look good and den she go a him yawd tuh… A suh yuh an ur netball coach inna tings? No man yuh naaaa play netball. Wey har parents.. nummo netball.

  2. I wonder if this is the same Mr Thomas who taught me while I was a student at Wolmers, if so I’m not surprised the charges were dismissed as I remember him being one of nicest teachers. He was always pleasant, always encouraged us to focus on our studies, always taking the time to listen to us and always cracking jokes. I really hope he didn’t do what he was accused of.

  3. I went to wolmers as well, and I’m not surprised he was charged. he was an inappropriate man, and we speculated that he had mental problems too.

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