A store clerk who was arrested for stealing $45,000 worth of clothing from a boutique where she worked — after she was seen on Facebook wearing some of the dresses — claimed she did not really steal the clothes because she was going to return them after she wore them.

Shanna Williams, 31, of a Kingston address, was recently charged with larceny as a servant after police raided her house and found several articles of clothing from her workplace.

The Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court heard on Friday that Williams stole the clothes sometime in June from the shop at Southdale Plaza in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew.

But Williams told the court: “I did not steal them, my intention was to just wear dem and bring dem back,” sparking laughter in the courtroom.

Parish Judge Simone Maddix, however, did not find her explanation humorous and asked her: “Should I remand you for psychiatric evaluation?
“Honestly, I wish I could unhear what you just said,” the judge continued. “So I am going to allow my brain to fade that out and let you come back for sentencing.”

Attorney Davorna Wilson then went to Williams’ assistance and told the court that Williams was trying to explain that she did not intend to permanently deprive her employer of the goods.

But the judge told her to quit.

“It cannot be fixed … that utterance. I know you are trying to help her,” Judge Maddix told Wilson.

The boutique owner then interjected and told the court that Williams was arrested after she posted pictures of herself wearing some of the stolen dresses from the store.

She also told the judge that she was reliably informed that Williams was planning to emigrate to the US in August and that she was planning to have a party in July.

The businesswoman also told the court that Williams had messaged her via

WhatsApp and told her that she did not want the matter to be recorded in the system as she is fearful of losing her visa. Consequently, she said she just wanted her money and be finished with the matter.

The judge then told Williams: “From one fashionista, to another fashionista I am going to give you time to make restitution because you just got carried away with your love for fashion.

“She look good though,” the judge said, which brought on more laughter.

The judge then asked Williams if she brought the money and she produced $16,000.

But the complainant was reluctant to take the money, claiming that she wanted all of the $45,000 at once. However, Judge Maddix told her to accept the money as part payment and return for the rest on July 14.

Williams’ bail was extended for her to return to court on the same date to complete restitution, and for sentencing.


  1. Gm sweetest Needleye!!As far-fetched as it sounds, this girl had a great defense I swear! Gimme a few to look for the statute of law showing her innocence!

    In all reality she guilty as sin,but I’m jus saying I could’ve help her get off scotch free!!

  2. Dem too bright, mi haffi think twicw which store to buy from these days from a store owna sell me har daughta clothes. If she did tell me me woulda buy it same way (not for that price tho). Dem too dishonest

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