A man was yesterday stabbed to death after he attempted to rob two students along a dirt track on Molynes Road in St Andrew.

Reports from the Half-Way-Tree police are that about 6:00 pm, the now deceased, armed with a firearm, allegedly robbed a student.

He then reportedly proceeded to rob another student, who allegedly stabbed him multiple times.

He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

However, the police are now seeking the public’s assistance to identify him.

The police say he is of dark complexion, medium build and about five-foot-10-inch long.

The deceased has cornrow hairstyle, a tattoo on his lower arm marked “N”, and was clad in a blue T-shirt, white merino, blue jeans pants, and a pair of black slippers, the police say.

Anyone who may be able to assist is being asked to contact the Half-Way-Tree police at 926-2551, police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.


  1. While I will shed nary a single tear for the dearly departed,i must ask this.Am I the only one a lil bothereD that a “Student” stabbeD him to death?

    Unno not bothereD not even in the slightest??

    1. It’s type sad that a student was driven to defend himself in a way that caused someone’s life. If I read correctly, it did say the deceased had a firearm, therefore it was a case if kill or be killed. The student was thinking faster than his attacker.

    1. As u know self defense is ONLY applicable in a threat against one’s life.nowhere in the report does it mentions the boys were attacked.if I tell u to hand over ur gold chain in effect robbing u n u stab or shoot me then u Will be charged for murder.there must be a direct threat!!

      Did u know I can shoot u in both legs n turn my bAck to flee but if u shoot me dead u will BE charged for murder???

      1. Wait; Are you saying that a person cannot die from being shot in the leg? Guess again.

        How many times have you heard of a murderer who turn to flee and turnaround and shoot someone to death? Turning to flee doesn’t mean the threat no longer exist….right?

        nowhere in the report does it mentions the boys were attacked The fact that the article made no mention of an “attack” doesn’t mean one did not occur or imminent! The most important issue here is did these school boys perceived a threat or fear for their lives during the commission of a crime with a load pistol point at them? You do not have to wait for someone to shoot you in order to take a preemptive action. How many times have Police in Jamaica shoot suspects who pointed a gun at them?

        Yuh know yuh foo-fool!

      2. BTW, just a followup to earlier comment: “nowhere in the report” did the writer mentioned what happened to the gun or whether the weapon was turned over to or retrieved by the Police. Should we conclude that there was no gun used during the robbery or the students stole the gun?

  2. @yardie while what you say is true, if a man approaches me with a gun I’m not gonna wait for him to pull the trigger. There’s no reason for me to think he means me no harm at that point. Guns have one purpose only…to kill. So if it is pointed at me it’s reasonable to think my life is in jeopardy.

    1. Mi on di what??whappen to your PC it nah work good,it a freeze up n bufferring but nah load??Get a tablet oo sounds like ur PC outdated n full up a viruses. I’m not vex at all jus a lil uneasy the reporter never shed any light if the gunman without a gun DID attack the yutes,thus deserving to die.

      I have a virus cleaner for u if u interested zeen.i Doan really feel like to ansa that smaddie up a top cuz I don’t have a cow man!

  3. So him de deceased had a gun, and de student had a knife, and de student deal wid him case. Rawtid! Inna dis case ya, da student ya eeda related to Usain Bolt inna some way or de adda, or him listen to Bounty Killa song “Kill or be killed” too many times.

  4. He never went to the students handing out youth service flyers ..him shoulda member se dem may have a 50 dollar pon dem but a one life him did a go wid and him get rob of it

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