Mandeville, Manchester – Minister of National Security and Central Manchester Member of Parliament Peter Bunting has disclosed that the near fatal attack on a 17-year-old male in Manchester may be linked to lottery scamming.

He spoke to the press following a visit to the cave in his constituency Friday morning.

“As I have been briefed by the police on where the investigations have reached thus far, it seems to suggest that it is somehow related to lottery scamming. At least one or more of these young men seem to have been involved….,” he said.

Police reports are that the student who did not return from school on February 12 was reported missing.

He was found in an isolated cave two days later in an unconscious state and severely wounded.

Two teenagers were remanded when they made their first appearance in the Mandeville Residents’ Magistrates court Thursday in relation to the incident.

They will return on March 12, while another teenager is still on the run.

“Wherever this lottery scam activity goes violence follows,” said Bunting.

He urged parents to be “extra vigilant” and take a stand if they suspect that their children are involved in any such activities.

The Security Minister also said that homeowners should refrain from renting properties to teenagers as they could be committing an offense under the anti-lottery scamming law.

He said that in the recent incident in Manchester the teenager was fortunate as the result could have been another fatality.

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