Me say Met Ms. Donna lee she just a get hype suh from she get the man. Every day she a throw word offa Tania and hype like she well secure! Now she go talk seh woman Fi stay home and leave out Atlanta dancehall scene when she a di same one Deh run road! Donna a who write this fi yu? Cause we all know yu cannot spell fi save yu life? Who more careless than yu? Education? A yu fi go back a school an stop cuss seh dem down on yu case and life when a yu like the limelight an a push things. U need fi go siddung. Di streets a say Yu a hype up the man an big alkaline show weh day him not even beside yu him stand up elsewhere. Yu just run een a get hype bout social worker yu have a child Donna? Nuh talk bout people kids cause any woman must vex cause is har baby father yu tek an yu an har did friendly stop mek yu frienemies boost yu gal!



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  1. Nasty donnalee don’t try fi fix tings how u want it or if a suh di all arounda pad mouth boy tell you, mi nephew school Nuh in a mi sister school zone yet dem accept him fi go deh as a car rider, Him fi reach 8 & him did by di time dem go tru di door a 8:01, 2 other kids go in same time & neva stop fi sign in late instead dem mek mi nephew do it & mi sister ask why dem never do di other kids jus as any other mother would ask, (you wouldn’t know cause sperms in a throat can’t get u pregnant or sperm in a condom) so she tell her son fi walk gwan to fi him class to & she tell dem dem unfair in an angry manner n walk out di counselor come after her & seh you kno we did u a favor to ave your son ere & we don’t of to explain to u about other kids & she shouldn’t of said weh she seh In front a other kids or parent. how di nasty dunce bat bouy weh can’t spell without phn or somebody spell fi him come in- fi him address is in the school zone suh him come fi use fi him address cause dem seh mi sister talk rude to dem n dem a do her a favor fi ave her son in dem school. Suh if you or him a try add on— unu nay get Nuh fame roun ya, dat big pussy desperate boy deh only get up 1 time n carry him son go school n mi sister carry her 2 kids every morning cause di 2 school on di same campus, top it up wid mi honor roll BLOODCLAAT niece & mi nephew weh Nuh stop get exceed average in a fukin KG. Mi sister highly educated & know the criteria on how to produce scholars by attendance & doing book work wid har kids she Nuh play dat all my son call her fi help wid homework when me deh a work bitch know that she Nuh sell her soul fi noting as you do, Mi sister is also fluent in Spanish suh Nuh bother tink party stop her education & parenting she a gal weh go above n beyond fi her kids dem, a Nuff woman left party go work dumb bitch…why you mad now about who goes to party because your ass under house arrest & all u do a seek attention on Internet fi get LIKE & feed off a di energy of like button from u wanna b’s friend dem, dnt worry bout mi nephew testa pussy doglee worry how u walk n clean up atl shady, powa, buggs, bling, kush, Jay-icon 1 fuk & now ziggy all in di same circles, ziggy neva use to go dance suh him lost to facts about u bitch & also him iQ slow da speacial Ed dunce boy deh nuh ave too much knowledge or sense suh him live him life a lie (habitual) if u kno di meaning fi get by & pretend & buy him way fi get ratings & respect, thanks to di streets him ave dat lock fi con, trick & use who him can get to fi him gain a dollar, your not a mother instead u is a slut pretending u a sumady, she carry her kids dem go school every morning, nasty deep throat doglee as your commonly known for a great head mistress, a man weh u sleep wid seh u clean riffle real good & di nasty man talk seh a u mouth wid u big lips get him & him come all ova u face n u drink it. Why doglee Nuh put up seh everytime mi sista call u n ask a who u a chat wid u post u either seh is not she or u stay quiet pon di phn while she class u, don’t di man 3 way u after u put up di post & she class you wid him pon di phone & him tell me him put you in a you place & tell u fi tek Dung u post & u did. Don’t you tell him fi tell I’m sister u wah squash this. But memba is not about di tickler it’s about your violation & now u more than violate again by trying to get strength wid lie pon mi nephew situation, you Nuh respect di johncrowweh man neither cause if u did u wouldn’t try fi mek him look like the pussy he is. AND PLS STOP PRETENDING AS IF MI SISTER INTERESTING IN THAT WANNA B ANYMORE SHE TELL U ALONE & ALSO WID HIM ON DI PHONE SHE DONT WANTS HIM, BETTER KAKKI WAYS & STANDARDS TELL….. she afi prove noting on computer as you do we Approve him & taking slow she Nuh frighten she Neva born back a di clock like you both & she use to good life & nice things. Riding on out :tkp

  2. Nasty doglee who dare bloodclaat you about my son Bitch mi can mek you kno mi son go a school out a him school zone, me a girl weh get up & carry my kids go school every fukin morning cause both school are on di same campus, ask him pupa how much time him carry him…him always a look a hype suh him might lie as he is known as a habitual lier weh always start relationship packing females with lies fi get ratings cau we Nuh kno him files, nasty suck hood doglee info u wah mi Nuh afi explain shit, u mad why di man go away to meet me & him tell you weh him feel like him wah tell you, truth of the matter I don’t ave a social worker neither did I need 1, so while you a suck ziggy kakki come suck out mi tight juicey pussy cause u is a world class vacuum, di Germs Neva afi come a mi son school a him volunteer fi come because Mi did afi use him address fi mi son continue in a di school REASON Y we reach 8 by di time we walk thru di door a 8:01 bitch him fi reach 8, 2 other students also a parent come di same time as we & dem Neva ask dem fi sign in as di great & concern mother I am mi ask why dem a go in & my son afi stop n sign in late & mi tell mi son fi walk gwan a him class arrogantly & tell dem dem unfair YES I did- so di counselor remind mi seh is a favor dem do me fi my son go deh & him not in a him school zone & I was rude to inquire about what other kids do infront of other students & parents & I had an attitude, suh bitch if you wah hear mi business a it this ain’t got shit to hide cause when it comes to my kids mi Nuh only dress & feed dem well Mi know di criteria to a great education which is attendance punctuality & helping with school work bitch, I am a pass f**king student of Alpha Acadamy in ja. & knowledge get further by taking myself through schools & some collage bitch don’t tek mi normal when it comes to education, Ask di low life dunce bat man how fluent I am in Spanish this is why my daughter stay being on Honor Roll & fi mi son in a kG. Him report card seh exceeds average, why you Nuh talk seh him call you & fix u & tell u fi tek it dung & also 3 way u wid mi n a class u up wid him pon di phone @ di same time assure unu 2 dog shit seh I don’t want him which mi tell u already when mi call you earlier & ask if a me you a chat in a you post weh you put up & both you & him seh is not me, **KA BOX don’t worry about my kids worry about Shaddy, Powa, buggs, bling, jay-icon weh get a 1 fuk, kush & tha slime bucket ya all in da same circles, weh u Nuh stop walk n suck dem brain dry bitch, 1 a u ex seh u clean riffle great & also mi son low life pupa seh him love you mouth cause u big lip hold him, you see mi did put dat up that is not my business don’t seek my attention & when Mi get at you you can’t face it, di nasty man seh u come pon di phone wah talk to me but nasty slime bucket gutter rat bitch I HAVE NO WORDS FOR YOU than who Nuh rate mi mi Nuh rate dem neither & anybody dis mi mi affi dis dem back suh don’t eva think we will Having the conversation u anticipated you violate n there is no talking about it weda me n di man did deh or not, you kno di full 9 bitch. As fi da dunce bat buoy deh weh come twist tings tell u or if a u a twist di story him need fi continue tek di spelling class dem pon him phone & don’t f**k call mi name cause him kno what bloodclaat time it is, WHEN SINCE YOU AVE PROBLEM WID PEOPLE WHO PARTY?? Since Your Place Under House Arrest, how much people go to party & later go to work? You jus a seek attention from di like button on Internet, me personally don’t see you unless my eyes behold so get that bacteria :kacau:

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