TEN INA ONE……..AN 10 :1


This is 10 mixup up ina 1. Philly ppl neva fail to deliver especially Shakera and her crew.

Everybadie and dem madda muss know seh she a breed by now fi di ppl dem man. So now she a palave fi wi talk so we are doing so now shakera.
Who is di daddy mama??? Mi loss count yah now. Mi know ano Daymeon breed u wid him mouth wata. Rotfl
Kim you and diddy been leff so please stop trying to prove otherwise. How is your return to sender living arrangement coming along.. Yes, she affi return back to mamie house. Tell we how much beg you beg and bawl fi get that little party opportunity this weekend .Showoff dunn bring you disgrace and u still no learn. From you teef diddy you life been miserable and u a get bunn from day 1. I doh care how much you pay fi dem blue shoes deh pon u foot, but not even mi great granny woulda wear those,waste ah di teefing money.
Chrissy afta Kim and Shakera dunn you last year u really go back fi dem nail up u coffin dis time. Mi see Alissa a drop har quotes dem and only God cah come tell me seh ano you she a talk. Grow a back backbone and stop meck shakera dem feel like dem have ur ticket even tho they do. You no see seh Shakera and Kim a draw u close fi help dem keep dem man while u are nothng but ah rolling stone. If u a thresome specialist it should not be wid the known enemy u dyam ediot. I bet you dem ago come talk up again say a dem buy u clothes fi wear go di boat ride. Mi can imagine di hotel room weh unu use afta di boatride,one room full a body fluid,whipcreem grapes, wid no condom wrappers. live unu life yah. Cause mi jealous bad. Sike, unuh nasty bad.

Note to Shakera ,wid all di money you ah spend and waste why you neva waste some pon ur body ova di years. Dat deh body deh lumpy more than di porridge weh Yendi did a try boil pon tv it doh look good ina mi Matterhorn voice







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  1. Dem jokers can’t buy nice bedroom sheets but dem can buy name brand shoe and still living in the ghetto fool up mi can’t bother with frm filthy hoes if Instagram nah give dem any privilege dem wouldn’t even have 3 seconds of shame keep flooding people timeline with Thot behavior and no degrees . Wanna be BeyoncĂ© hoes

  2. kim you was a hot mess on that boat. everything went wrong lol diddy dont want you he just use you to carry drug money on plane

  3. Ow that she breed when is the wedding falling? pick u men like u pick u outfits unno like wear what everybody else wear . Never win when u play dirty

  4. no sah big big fashion fail, kim your belly swell like the malnourished kids in africa. it dont look good.

  5. Senda from your discription of the hotel room, I get the feeling that you were at the last one. It sounds like you are upset. they must have excluded you from this event. better luck next time. by the way there is nothing wrong with the shoes.

  6. Gm. Di shoe dem nice but dem dont luk sexy on her feet yuh haffi mek real goodas like apple dolly sweets etc show you how it’s done wen dem dress dem sexy fram head to toe an luk f..kable looking good is not a overnight ting yuh haffi birth gud!!!

  7. Duty gyal get f**k n duck by a young boy who cum all over her face and f**k n hide while he hav odda Ooman . summertime cum soon falling he will be on to the next you never llock dung no man before . you will never be worthy of anything . Spend sum money in a home bitch shoes don’t impress people that own tings like homes,cars…etc and you don’t own shit but that small tv and floral grandma sheets with a dent In the middle of ur bed from all da men that f**ked u in it . Your apt cum like motel 6

  8. the freaky crew lol kim you look a hot mess, shikera stop mind ppl man and crissy your $19.99 dress looks way Better than what kim put together

  9. SO Chrissy why u hand affi deh pon Shakeria hips so.. Dem did seh you was har personal gal pon di side and a now mi believe it. You run back ina har company faster than a rat a thief some cheese. Chrissy you need some motherly love and a new self esteem manual because the one youi had is outdated or non existance. mi sarrie fi how you confused. Gregory mussi put you pon pause so you run back to ur comfort zone.

    1. Gregory missing really put her pon pause yes kmrt
      She fi member the likkle boy she lef a Jamaica pon him granny smh

  10. Leave falling.start she young and cute must Polly write up shit on here old woman leave young gal business alone fine your size Kim you falling star young keep f**k life short Polly where fine that ugly man from bring him Back to him family at zoo. Buy girl

  11. That boy betta do a DNA test when the baby born. Shinning star naah lef ppl man because ah das all she use to. One pickney mek she look and beer bottle, afta dis one she a go look like pear. Neva si one gal weh been around the block so proud bout har dutty life, she no have nothing name shame smh

  12. Kim u need fi guh pon a high protein diet, u belly nuh look righted fi u frame.U do look like u have kwashiorki.My advice to Kim, go back to school while u can with Diddy money.I was foolish when I was your age and student loan a lick mi inna mi behind ya now,when I had untraced money in my possession playing with

  13. falling star dont drown that baby with all that sperm you collecting nationwide now.go easy on the drinking now, cut down on the sleeping around. your own friend telling ppl that when u found out you was pregnant you also found out about herpes. bobby told his woman than is you give it to him. you cant say you dont know what I’m talking about whats in the dark must come to light.

    1. Wait uno have herpies for real? And both she and Bobby sleep around? So who is Bobby woman I thought it was now Shakera. He only about 20 and nooo sense

    2. Unno wicked eeee… uno well know di ppl dem life bout she have herpes… that sound like some shit yuh a try throw inna di story just because… Mi nuh know bout di pregnancy or how much ppl man she tek and ting but fi throw disease pon ppl f**k up.. Mine ah you have it tho

    1. The other day bobby a ring off mi phone a beg f**k how much pussy him one want so lawd !!!! Big woman stop mind the little boy look. How you pretty left dat alone

  14. Falling star you send away the one baby you have on to the next one bobby please do a DNA please matter fact me know your mother root ago make you do one for sure

  15. I remember when me and ny nicky was friend she tell me falling did a f**k sean pelpa falling star tell her bout sean pelpa dont want him babymother sean pelpa want she but when sean pelpa babymother find out falling star gwan like she want dis the babymother sean pelpa dis up falling star tell her no one can violate him babymother, she start say but you tell me you was going to left her ctfu buy pelpa all type of stuff falling star you cant buy out a real man,

  16. Kim stop wear name brand shoes cause you a Mek di peoe dem product look bad. Stick to yuh cheap shoes from bare feet. Yuh foot to dam big man fi a young gal like yuh wear size 13 lol. Diddy yuh fraud Kim step inna yuh face, Kh yeah that’s right Diddy left Kim months ago an have him new gal weh pretty bad an shape good. Kim how does it feel to live back at home with your step mother.

  17. Shining star why yuh Mek Kim force yuh fi guh breed fi bobby ? Ah now bobby ago wild with him age group lol. Bobby nuh want no old woman unless dem can mind him like what your doing. An please guh treat yuh herpes ASAP. Tuh nuh want di baby born wid it eww.

  18. senda is clearly jealous of the people and most of philly! These girls partying enjoying life and all yall do is hate on them because yall don’t have no job or $ to go no where?

  19. Dem all look cheap even the expensive shoe dem Mek dem look cheap look a mess a Philly and dem go all the way a New York even look worst

  20. Nobody can’t see how she’s scrunching up her toes in the blue sandal???

    Who ever up top said the shoes to small for her, was right, because if she un-curl her toes at least ties of them will be scraping the ground!

    1. Firstly, everyone has different taste, so who are you to swear and call people haters, just because they have a different opinion on a pair of shoes – it really ain’t that important or serious!

      Next thing is whether the blue shoes designer or not, expensive or not doesn’t make them HOT & hot or not, it does not change the fact that they DO NOT FIT HER AND SHE SCRUNCHING UP TOES!

  21. Chrissy Mek hulk allissa mad the time you mad Miss allissa you go fix yuh sad life and that big tunnel gap you have there in people business and go try to keep a man two kids and no baby father

  22. Sender your fingers fast!! Those pics of the girl shoes say 1minute and 6 minute and you screenshot them!! Damn your fingers fast!! LOL

  23. @STD wow I thought these girls looked nice at the boat ride they look cool and most of them look pretty usually the Philly girls fight for the video light but these girls were just having fun and dem Neva inna Mek dress like the jersy girls I’m just saying btw you got a spy that really fly as you pitch lol

  24. Bobby an shining star a two dunce bat, do there perfect for each other. As for Kim your life is miserable that’s why you won’t stay out of people business. Mek di people dem know seh yuh deh pon di boat ride wid yuh mate dem yes Diddy did have two girl pon di boat ride. Kim start tek some pill weh can Mek yuh gain back Likkle weight man damn. A who tell yuh Magga dog a wear now lol.

  25. Diddly or Diddy have two girl on the boat but who him itch up on the whole night Does that make any sense ? F*king fool :nerd :kimpoi bobby and shaker hop off body hood why y’all mad she tek him one thing they can’t say y’all not ugly and stay bad it’s all hate so let haters do what they do keep shiting on these bitches :bola btw congrats shaker on the baby

  26. I’m on these girls Instagram and I see why people hate on them smfh dem live dem life so what if them want do 3 some bobby obviously not using condom :mewek :mewek :mewek :mewek why she a breed so stop hating, kim you look really nice and Diddy and you are a cute couple mi soon unfollow u cause u don’t follow back

  27. Senda get a life! I am not their friends, but yall sit on their name everyday. Shakeria is
    a troublemaker but she’s stunning

  28. So I’m reading cause I’m late you mean to tell me bobby and Diddy don’t want shining star or kim which is why shakera a breed which is why Diddy still up and down with kim this not adding up if these niggas don’t want these females why are they with them put this in y’all pipe and smoke it a man gonna f**k who he want to and he’s going to be with who he wants to know the difference :repost: :kimpoi

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