1. Everyone including Tony need to be aware that the only reason why terrian making all these videos and troubling people, is BECAUSE SHE DO NOT GO OUT FOR THEM TO SEE HER!!! All she do is work to home and sit and make videos and post about people. She know she can’t fight and all she does is start drama because no one can grab her thru the computer, if shi brave and just go to a party Marsha will kill her, along with the rest of people who she trouble on the internet. Y’all see is all the comments and the likes on her page giving her all these strength. Then she thinks she’s a star because Tony keep posting her up. Bitch you better go spend some time in karate class. Your just bad on the web.

  2. talking about big up her fans, bitch go look a life. How do you get fans?! Your just a girl who f**k a guy and got pregnant and he told you to abort it, but you insist to carry it. The only fan you have is your daughter . Now go and have several seats. All yuh use to do is walk and f((k that’s why the man no own yuh child. Your a nobody bout fans!!! Kmt. She f**k every gal a Hartford . Yuh mouth smell like pussy. Your daughter shame a yuh!!! Stop put on a front on the internet, go be a real mom, not a internet mom.

  3. Marsha will grab who? Marsha can’t f***king fight either so a beg unu stop it! Please miss us with the bullshit ! Notice even after she and people fall out she still friend them! Who in Hartford Ms. Piggy Marsha ever beat !

  4. Can someone please tell me why would any respectable Lawyer, Doctor, psychologist follow this hood bugger? And what type of fans does she have? Oh, wait, her fans are scalawags just like her.

  5. mi seh a cyan stan di fuxxing gal………..bout nicky minaj knw r ……………lol,,,,,,,,,,all shebada mi c shi a fuxx round gwaan bait upself ole sadamite gal,,,,,kmt

  6. Yuck this annoying thrill seeking bitch irritates me everytime I see her on something. I know for a fact she fuxx gyal… Dirty bxcth always talking shit about people like save yourself the embarrassment and attend to your child nuh

  7. Mi na tek sides, but all the time dem a come fi di girl and she no c dem. Terri dem a f**k with u cuss out them rass sometimes u have to retaliate cause if u don’t dem live pon u like leach

  8. I followed her during the fabuloso hypeand unfollow her. She annoying bad. She is looking a hype that brings no money. it would be better if she was entertaining
    girl bye

  9. Can somebody be so DESPERATE fi attention. Terri a shrink’s chair is calling ur name loudly and I mean LOUDLY. chile bye.

  10. Somebody say Marcia look like the chucky doll and that doll did bad when it come to life so be careful dwldwldwl

  11. Terrian is a suck pussy likkle gal. Mi deh all di way ah UK and know her file. She get ah hype true slackness and to me as a female that is nothing to brag about!! She f**k di one Lavish man, she breed and true she never know she coulda breed and was praying to father God fi breed she never abort di pickney like di man wanted her to (She do a video bout dat). Any how mi ah mate and mi breed man haffi run come and mind mi youth and wifey caan tell mi ah rass ting, she ah waste bloodclaat gal. She ever ah stalk Lavish.
    Mek she stay deh and try live offa the Nicki Minaj hype cah all now mi never hear Nicki seh har name. As for Tony being her friend, if she nuh know Tony friend up Miss Lavish as well ah part, him don’t have no f**king allegiance wid none ah dem. Terrian have mouth cah she deh ah ATL and everybody deh far. She f**k when smaddy travel fi beat her nasty rass.

  12. Tiad a pussy mouth Terriann now.
    FB hype really a get to her. Gal yuh look like a **king thunder thigh whale and a diss people. Terriann, if it don’t make money it don’t make sense. Stop mek Tony “cigarette breath” Matterhorn boost you up. At the end of the day Tony gone play a dance and mek money and you still sitting in your one room that you mother put you and still bruk. Everyone a Hartford know seh yuh is a lesbian, and a long time you and “Nassie Unforgetable” a f**k. Chill and guh be a mother to yuh daughter and stop growing her on FB.
    Yuh too f**king hype yah now!!!!

  13. But terrian nuh fraid har false teeth drop out when she a mek video no sah.i caah stand har , terrian memba Sey yuh haffi soak yuh dentures ah night time

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