Sup Met? Terrian you put everything pon social media might think you would a fill we in a who a u baby father.. imagine the first baby a did fi Melissa Lavish man weh you did a full pon the side and him diss u you mean to seh you couldn’t keep a open shower and show off u baby father this time? Single mother again? Not even the man foot we no see? U were pregnant and a dog road by yourself? Terrian a wah do you? U cah hold a man? The white man left u? Was looking to see a white baby but oh well…might know u did a try look a buss off a Nicky bout u fabuloso thing..poor u. Pretty girl but when u open up mouth a different thing.


  1. This bitch is so disgusting she always a cuss ppl an a try expose dem wen dem a blog an yet shi cah show up who breed er den shi act all slick an cute terrian noh have no baby fada cause shi cah dear call d man name shi agoh act like its all cute but its a shame wen shi always a style ppl an her life stink like ole ppl shit

  2. I’m sure she know her baby father cuz she was killing Melissa bout the jacket baby wey she pin pan Kevin. She couldn’t be that stupid or so I hope.

  3. melISsa so called lavish looks like the old dent up barrel tem a Spanish town road side. NO MAN NAH MINE CAMEL BACK MELISSA LAVISH.

    1. Tina Chin love pinkwall. A swear,she get some of her info from this page. For example,the info she posted on her wall about Shamiele.

  4. @Queen bee a wah god dumb u ?u momma poppa an u whole family a wah every devil in hell rise up pon u an torment u fi d rest a u life a wah every time u open u mout fi chat u tongue heavy like lead u is a wicked nasty dutty trouble mecker a wah wen u lay dung inna u bed u cah sleep cause it feel like fire u know why fi d lie wah u just tell an d trouble u wah start CAUSE MI ONE MILLION PERCENT SURE SAH MET CAN COME TELL U SAH ANO TINA CHIN SEND IN SHIT CAUSE ME KNOW A WHO DWEET U IS A BITCH

  5. A cause uno si ppl a post shit uno ready fi sah a ppl send in story met kn a who send it in an mi kn ano tina cause terrian kn who fah name a call pon her child , why a cah mellisa send it in wen mellisa a stalk terrian , sum a uno need fi goh teck care a uno mout an pussy an stop mix up ppl cause ano d ooman send it shit .

  6. #7:57 u need fi goh bade , an goh read one book on how to keep your legs close, cause u full a shit u love tina page an pinkwall soh wats d problem pinkwall public fi every bady

  7. A no Tina send it in A me a Hartford might live sorry for the Typo errors I was multitasking. Me deh pond her friends list and all now mi cah see the man toe! Weh day she post Seh har baby father a asshole lol she too silent man.she did post the white man so I thought it was his. Not a hater as I don’t know her personally but to how she cah gwan I are curious lol

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