1. you sound dumb you give him him first pretty daughter.you pretty and him don’t stay with you.you sound like you hate the girl to.nice babyfather and him hate you if a mam want yoy,nuh care wah you do him would not hate you.go sit you ass done.look like somebody back gun pon you and take wah you ambition..bitch you nuh better than her cause a you take her man and could not even hold you matey position.your house clean.you know pier one.you pretty and still not even you matey position you could not hold.go drink some acid bitch you and gaza slim a sister go sit you ass in time out bitch too much of u

  2. Dis nuh look like it have nuh done ah done! Mi waan see if Tony Matterhorn ah go feature dem again tonight! Dwl

    1. mi convince cuti she terrain fi get a buss asssssson…caw chue Melissa quiet now she rhythm up agen like bad gyal

      1. That hoe need to get drag into court fi slander.

        Talking about the other woman daughter paternity in a video addressing all who come pon her page…more than 3.

        I would hunt har fi dat ass whooping wid me bail money inna me purse fi a gi out my location pon World Wide Web.

        If de girl legal a foreign and can fight I say GO BEAT DAT ASS and tek a charge. She cause a bitch fi snap! temporary psychological break is a form of defense.

  3. you know what I don’t know none of you guys,but I was watching the videos on fb,you said a you first make video and the man say the other girl piss bed.your pokey piss up to then.and remember this just like how him chat she,him chat you to.the girl say she tired a you and you want her to fraid a you,i can clearly hear the frustration in the other girl voice that she was push to the limit.something about you scream gaza slim to me.everyone can clearly see you are a trouble maker.have around of applause and take a bow.you won the argument.what did you gain.think about it and make a video cause john public need to know

  4. I don’t think so cause my little knowledge.i know about mad people.terriann look like she have a personality disorder,sociopath like.bipolar like when dem off dem meds.she have displacement of anger she mad she give the guy his only pretty daughter and him don’t want her.so she lash out on who she think he wants.there is no way.you could have another man and behavingg like this over a man.yes the baby father is the common denominator in this,that is the only think you guys share.if it was not for him.would you and her be cussing on fb.terriann please seek professional counseling if you love your pretty daughter

    1. Two thump inna har throat and a kick to de head should quite her ass down! Bitch playing crazy fi attention. MELISSA! Civil court fi all that shit this hoe spewing online in a video…and if that nah do it then the thump and bax wid a nice bail bond afterwards.

  5. Bunch a idiots that has nutten living for. You tell me, you r 2 grown ass women with kids. As so oonu intend to teach the kids dem. Man a go step out pon the best a we, n I’m pretty sure while this is going on, he’s f***king anothrr pussy. Come on now, have some self respect fi oonu self.

  6. him nor buy you no house either.you give him his pretty only daughter all when you don’t want him.him need fe buy you a house and make you pretty daughter have her own bedroom with bathroom and play area.what you accomplish with status in America.girl stop waist your time,you same one say the man hate you,even if a you make him hate you.why you a belittle you self because of him for.girl something about you rub me the wrong way,a hope you don’t hurt that girl.you remind me a the show with beyonce,girl bye in me terrain mullings voice

        1. :ngakak mi wah noe hef she nuh ere di ppl dem she she cute why she mussah put on di wig dem fi trace..but a weh di :hammer

          1. I dont know why di people dem baiting her…none look better than the other dem deh pan di same level she fi go sitdown now

  7. Dem two gal yah so dumb and low class terriann love passa passa she always in a cuss cuss with people she is sickening and people need to stop give them attention especially the Terri Ann she really a act like a celebrity two of you dumb non ambitious bitches need to go sit your ass down and go her some class 2014 roun the corner woman stop fight over man longtime and terriann you love talk bout face pretty it no make sense you have a pretty face and such a bad character it no look good as far as me see none no better than none both of you are two no class bitches poor Kevin must shame smh

  8. Well if he found out Melissa baby is not his and he still stays with her then I guess there’s something about Melissa ugly or pink he keeps going back, I don’t know u guys but it sounds as if terrain upset with Kevin because him nah leave Melissa and she turn it into hate.

  9. Terrian aka stamma merkle dwrl you can’t argue girl low it cuz I’m laughing at you
    U just a stammer every sentence I can’t make out wtf you saying. Dem fi just done now what a pointless war who live good who know bed bath n beyond Weh di mumma claat
    Grown women worried about the wrong shit!

  10. I agree with the person that said terriann seem like she has psychological problems and didn’t take her meds. Her actions is like a deranged women that was guilted by her lover. She said Melissa can’t read and write, but she proved herself to be even more illiterate.
    Terriann if your as smart and intelligent as you claim to be you would not waste time trying to convince the public and Melissa that you are so great and Kevin is missing out.
    Instead you should be focusing on ways how to keep the dirty drama out of your and your daughter’s life. Remember your daughter is watching even when you think she isn’t. I wish you and her well.

  11. It ist evident now that terriannn is the trouble maker, u could here it inna melissa voice that she was tired of her and upset to z point where she got pink lol but all jokes a side u go inna z girl life and got trick and dump and now u mad caz the man never leave his woman, bitch please u need fi stop it, and now you went 2 far by bringing z girl daughter in it u is a mess, thats z problem with unno side hoe unno dont know how fi stay inna unno lane, I hope melissa dont respond to u.but if she do I really would not blame her for this 1 caz bitch u cross z line , u deserve a beat down.with u dumb ass how u a clear the air and only make things worst

  12. all mi a seh all a this over one wannabe rick ross look alike man if the man was a gentleman mi woulda understand but the man nuh look gud

  13. Terrian, Tell em ehy you mad son: even if Melissa give Kevin a jacket,(as cording to you) him tek it and him wear it all when it too big fi him, yuh hurt doh? yuh supposed to shame seh yuh neva get wife up, all di dirty things yah talk bout Melissa, she and Kevin still nuh lef all ah now, Melissa can talk loud loud inna her house if ah even pon the highway it deh, why yuh haffi a whisper? u nuh waan di landlaord hear yuh and put u out? Melissa dont know bout Pier 1 Imports, bed bath and beyond BUT SHE AND KEVIN STILL TOGETHER!!!!! yuh sound bitter, hurt and embarrassed seh nice nice cute cute you and di pretty baby weh yuh did ah use try tie di man never work ah baaaaayyyyy. why YOU couldnt be original and FIND AH MAN OF YOUR OWN??? Yuh still mad doh? all in ur feelings and shit, ok yuh breed, is not a jacket (according to you) di man nuh want you, cut ur loss and move on gosh! Kevin seems quite comfortable with him ugly, bleach out fat bald head, pissy taka woman, she clearly has something you dont #GirlBye

  14. Mi sey from di first time mi see dah gal yah mek video mi nuh like er, mi c everybody a sey she prettier than melissa but none a dem nuh pretty, terrian go tek off ur granny wig cause it nuh look good pan u, u tek di gal man breed fi him and u and er a war long long time now and all now u nuh fine a man fi urself and u sey u pretty cause if u did have a man u wouldnt a mek video fi him c u a fight ova man, u sit down and a wait fi kevin leave him ooman and true u nuh c it a work u mek troulbe wid di girl cause u nah come come out er life, u fi gweeeehhh u wutless like wah and a ur head a hurt up fi di ppl dem man, go look a man dat want u and leave di ppl dem alone!!!! All if kevin nah gi u nuhtin fi him child mek him and him ooman stay and stop tek suh far and go mek video , if di ooman di c u gone on wid ur life shi wouldnt be so upset but true u stuck inna di ppl dem life di ooman cross,, move ur bloodclat and gweh now man and go fine urself a man wey want u and leave di ppl dem alone man u f**king trouble meka!!!!!

  15. Man this girl shoulda really shame the man take back the woman with bad fitting Jacket over she and har pretty daughter.. You can see say the youth nah pay she nuh mind cause she really look old and stress in that video. Terri ann yuh never know sey pikney nah hold man again. Obviuosly the renk pissy pussy must be better than yours . Damn pissy pussy and jacket and the man still a buy crash range WOW. I have to give this one to the bleach out fce pissy pussy jacket giver. Cause your case look bad.

  16. Yes man, ah time fi TerriAnn gweh and low Melissa. TerriAnn seh shi noh waa di man but who war over man dem no want?? Nothing more dan she want back Kevin and him not giving har d time a day. Him want up him Melissa bad bad abaaaayyyyyy…..TerriAnn go drink bleach

  17. @Met, this is so sad. Stop publishing these women of low self esteem. However any man who sits & chats another woman is clearly a class less & lacks maturity. What a crying shame.

  18. Yall are some real piece a work. it is clear that neither of you have any ambition an this kevin has you both on a string. Mi know unu ova 30, unu situation sticky bad. its not about who looks better or who has a better p***y … there is more to life than that ,,,, #DIRTYMOUTHGROWNASSWOMEN Don’t yall have kids?? Smh Shame on you both

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