Tesha Miller has been found guilty.

The jury returned the verdict moments ago in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston.

Miller was on trial for being accessory before and after the fact to murder in relation to the killing of then Jamaica Urban Transit Company Chairman, Douglas Chambers.

On June 27, 2008 Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan and another man who’s now dead, pounced on Douglas Chambers.

Mr. Chambers had reportedly just left a meeting to take a smoke when Bryan shot him multiple times, outside the JUTC Depot in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

Soon after a group of men emerged from bushes firing shots to create a diversion, allowing the actual shooters to escape in a car.

Mr. Chambers was killed on the orders of Tesha Miller as a contract.

And the main shooter was put on a boat to the Cayman Islands to avoid capture.

That’s the evidence given by the state’s main witness in the trial against Tesha Miller.

The main witness is a self confessed murderer who’s serving time in prison.

He says he was present at a meeting when the orders were given to kill Mr. Chambers.

And he was the one who gave the killers the guns to carry out he deed.

This version of events were accepted by the jury who after just over 3-hours of deliberations, found Miller guilty of the crime.

In his defense, Miller’s attorney, Bert Samuels, pointed out the witness was only testifying against his client so he would benefit from a plea bargain.

Mr. Samuels also labeled the witness a liar for giving statements to the police that differed from the statements he gave in court.

Mr. Samuels also said the witness made up the story of the shooting after hearing rumours while spending time in jail with Bryan.

Bryan was tried and found not guilty for Chambers’ murder in 2016.

He’s now before the Court answering to anti-gang charges.

But the witness hit back saying, he was giving evidence to clear his conscience after living a life of crime in service of the Klansman Gang and its Don, Tesha Miller.

The witness said he was also fed up after 13 of his family members were killed over a 2-year period from 2013-2015.

He said he wasn’t lying as he started to give evidence against Miller before he went to jail.

Miller has a reputation in popular culture, especially in music.

His name has regularly been mentioned in music in a negative light.

But, in an unsworn statement to the court, Miller told presiding judge Georgianna Fraser, he was innocent.

Miller says he’s just a welder.

But the jury found, Miller guilty.

He’s to return to court on January 9, 2020 where he’ll be sentenced.

6 thoughts on “TESHA A GUH GET LIFE

  1. I’m tired of this wicked dog. He will now rot in prison although that’s not really a comfort because he will stay right there in jail and still push crime and violence. Cases like this one really needs the death penalty although I’m not a fan of it. He needs to die.

    1. What make you think Miller was hired to kill Mr. Chambers? I was under the impression that he was killed because the Clansman Gang was running some extortion “racket” at JUTC and Mr. Chambers put an end to it or was about to.

  2. I wonder if Spain would be able to get its life together now…. Hopefully they can stand firm now and say noooo to these gangs.

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