Thank God for assigned times and seasons
Ask God this morning to provide you with patience, a clear mind and the ability to push past all visible and
invisible distractions that Satan has put in place to discourage and re-route you from your “SET TIME” of favor, opportunity, advancement, healing etc.
I want to say to someone today, that everything during the course of our lives is indeed “TEMPORARY!”
You just might be at a low or disadvantaged point in your life right now but according to the spiritual law of temporary, even your low or disadvantaged point has an assigned time attached to it.
The spiritual law of temporary dictates that there is a specific time and season for every purpose” Eccl. 3:1. Therefore, good, evil or indifferent all have a set time to exist in our lives. Being at the back of the line today is not a guarantee you’ll be there tomorrow. Being the outcast at your place of employment has a set time, it will not be that way forever…… The spiritual law will not allow it!
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As a reminder scripture records that it is God that changes the times and the seasons, Daniel 2:21. What could it be that God is changing in your favor through your current circumstances? What is it that God is desiring you to learn from this situation so that you’ll be prepared for your next time and season?
Joseph, was an outcast by the actions of his brothers. What his brothers and including himself did not know, was that, there was a divine time and season set on the oppression assigned to that period of Joseph’s life. However, when that assigned time had expired, his former position had no other choice than to release him into the next phase of his life.
Many of you reading this post are about to be catapult into your next appointed time and season. Just like Jonah the place you are currently at right now will vomit you into the next appointed time of your life, thus the reason for the opposition you’ve been facing there. The enemies of our appointed times and seasons are the wrong people, the wrong places and the wrong things, their sole purpose is to see to it that you don’t meet those divine appointments, which is achieved by wasting your time being attached to them……… My God! Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that you’ve connected yourself to that’s keeping you from where you should be at this point in your life?
Heavenly Father, keep us on the right path to our next time and season by removing the wrong people, places and things from our lives that were sent on assignment by the enemy to hijack our destiny. Supply us Lord with the ability to focus and to keep pressing forward in spite of the many challenges in the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ!
“Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the “SET TIME”, is come” Psalm 102:13.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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  1. Amen and Amen. Met and mi goodup goodup God fearing and prayed up bloggers, mi a beg unu help me pray, Pastor Ewing please join me in prayers too. Caz mi want to be catapulted out of this dis place and find mi a new home like yesterday..job relo halfway across di is a wretch,a tired suh till. Suh unu pray seh mi find di perfect one people help mi pray please. This is a sincere request. Thank you unu please and thank you Jesus.

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