Good day met! Let me start by saying a lot of people class pink wall as a mix up site,but thanks be to God if it wasn’t for your site I wouldn’t come across RAHEEM BARRETT story! I was moved when I read his story,I’m not a rich individual I just know how to share out of nothing. I spoke to RAHEEM this morning and he told me Cecile called him she told him she’s going to speak to Beenie man and miss kitty to see how they can help! I hope they find it in there heart to help him in whatever way they can! Thanks again met keep up the good work. I pray God continue to bless and keep you safe! Pink wall to the world…

17 thoughts on “THANK YOU

  1. That was really nice of you sender may your basket never empty,may God blessings and mercy be with you always.

  2. Don’t be Met a nuff good hearted ppl deh ova yah eno wid a couple a di well not so good. U and you’re site touch many people’s lives Gwaan duh u ting a God wi seh :angel :angel :angel :angel

  3. Sometimes in life we can pray to be a blessing not just to be blessed!! We of to take care of the kids they’re the future. And if we are able to help someone who needs help DO IT!! God bless you met keep up the good work! You’re site is blessed beyond measures when God say yes no man say no! JMG TO THE FLIPPING WORLD

  4. More blessing on to you sender. I’m also getting things ready to help my family and neighbors for back to school!

  5. God bless u sendasenda. Even today I was thinking of this young man how to help him. I know he is going to excel, cause the universe hear his cry.

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