Elaine Thompson’s quest for a third gold medal was disrupted last night as Jamaica’s 4x100m relay team had to settle for silver in a season’s best 41.36 seconds here at the Olympic Stadium.

The United States of America (USA) spoiled the party with a splendid 41.01 seconds run which was just outside of their world record of 40.82 seconds established four years ago at the 2012 London Olympics. The USA, who only qualified for the final at the second attempt after dropping their baton in the first round on Thursday, have now registered the second-fastest time in history. Jamaica’s Caribbean neighbour’s Trinidad and Tobago were fifth in 42.12 seconds.

Great Britain won the bronze in a new national record of 41.77 seconds, with Germany fourth with 42.10 seconds.

Thompson, who won the 100m and the 200m, was rested for the heat on Thursday, but returned for the final and ran the second leg. The race was started by Christania Williams, with Veronica Campbell Brown on the third leg and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce anchoring.


The USA, with Tianna Bartoletta, Allyson Felix, English Gardner, and Tori Bowie, running out of the difficult lane one were never headed and made up the stagger on all the teams, and with Bowie receiving the baton way ahead, Fraser-Pryce had too much to do.

“We wanted Elaine to get the third gold medal, but some things work according to God’s will, and we have to give God thanks. It’s an honour to come together as a team and represent the country,” said Fraser-Pryce, just moments after cheering Usain Bolt and company to victory in the mixed zone.

“A couple months ago I didn’t think I would be here, but I got the chance to run with the ladies, got a silver medal, and we have to give God thanks, because at the end of the day so many persons train to come to the Olympics and they don’t even get to the finals,” she emphasised.

“I know Jamaicans are spoilt right now, because they are used to so many medals, and this one is special because we did our best tonight,” she added.

Campbell Brown, who won a 4x100m gold as an 18-year-old in 2000, picked up yet another medal to her impressive collection.

“I have to give God thanks. A lot people leaving here and they don’t earn anything, so I have to be grateful with what we achieved here,” she said.

“I think we did well; the baton passes, I think, we were all clean, and we did our best. We were going for the gold, but we fell short, but we will be going for it again as you know we never give up. Next year we will go for it,” she assured.

It was Jamaica’s eighth medal of these Olympic Games and the only silver to add to five gold and two bronze.

6 thoughts on “THANK YOU SHELLYANN

  1. I just love the way ShellyAnne carry harself. Gosh, shi so humble and always give God thanks no matter the outcome. Love har soooo much. Shi gave it allllll pan dat last leg. Mi seh di girl bruck ah piece ah speeeeed. I love har gone to bed. Mi seh di effort alone earn har ah gold, trust mi.

    Shi nuh bash no baddi, shi just know whey shi want to achieve and give 100% every time. No room fi carry hate an envy. Ah dat meck har sooooo damn good.

    I am still immensly proud of all ah dem, them come up likkle shawt yes, ( an silver ah nuh small sumin) but unnu best believe dem whi fix up fix up an come back nexx time. 🙂

    An is true, inna di race ting Jamaica spwile wid gold all di lol…But yuh know, ah dat drive dem fi do dem best.

  2. Can’t win them all. I thought the Americans were going to use Felix as the anchor, but they strategized for the win. As Veronica seh, the vast majority of Olympians did not medal. To medal in every event you participate in is a great achievement. Congrats to Elaine on a very successful Olympics.

  3. Shelly no hard feelings mamma but mi nuh figet Yuh an tings… but mi jump pan Elaine ship yah now still anso. An really n truly di shelly wah mi see run last night just run cause Yuh did av tuh… But yuh already give up from Yuh see dat Yuh neva get di gold an mi neva like dat Yuh shoulda fight still… A owl vision Mi have mi can only see round di corner not in front.

    1. Not sure if she gave it away, but I am wondering why the coach made her anchor. She is an amazingly talented athlete in the elite ranks, but I think the coaches made a mistake, Elaine anchoring may not have made a difference in the outcome, but we will never know. I am confident they did the best running they could.

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