Good day Met,Metters and Peepers,

Is not everybody quick to pick up on certain things but if you are able to figure out the twist before the story ends,maximum respect to ur intuitiveness levels up!Met mi link my mother and as me step in the yard she was telling my brother a histrie this.U done know my style so u know mi plug in my earphones,tek seat a corner and start nod mi head to non-existent music!

Mom say she a pass this couple inna cross roads with her umbrella tuck Unda her arms ‎since the rain just eased up.The man hollered at her if she nuh see
that she jook his lady with the umbrella so Mom sey “no mi never feel nutten”.She realize they were both wearing Dark glasses and have walking canes.Them blind and she apologize ,so then the guy calm down and apologize for his tone and said he was just upset cuz they’ve been waiting a long time for this man Randy to come and all now.Met the man sey Randy sey he owns a wholesale beside Captain’s bakery and his cashier call him to buy something but him never have any cash on him.

He ask them to lend him whatever money they had on them and he would Double it.They came up with $3000 and Randy took it and told them he was going across the road to buy the things.They ask my mom to go look if Randy get serve yet as he said he was wearing a orange merino and black pants.My mom told them there ain’t no wholesale besides the place and that a scam Randy scam them.Met my mom sey the blind ppl them start cry a river how them nuh have no fare to go home nor buy them medicine a Drugserv pharmacy so till ppl start gather‎.

My mom explain to the crowd what was unfolding and ppl sorry fi the blind couple and start chump up money,my mom gave $1000.She sey after abt 10mins or so after all the donations the couple thanked everyone and asked her to call a taxi for them which she did.Now for the twist if u haven’t figured it out as yet,sametime my brother told her as he looked at me Doubled over in Laughter!

There is no paying for drugs at drugserve,it is free.
They took a taxi away from and not to Drugserve.
Why would the owner of a wholesale go in a next wholesale‎ to buy stock$3000?Here u have a criminal who cannot be caught cuz the only eyewitnesses are BLIND so the cops and public unaware who he is so isn’t that just too convenient?!Those 2 blind crooks are on the loose so ppl look out for them and their scam in ur neck of the woods.

All I said was “Mom ur umbrella never touched her or u would’ve heard the lady sey something!Mom u never see u touch her and a the “blind man” see???‎She sey “Geezam a true!”


  1. What tip mi off first was the umbrella part, and then, if him blind as him claim, how him know sey ‘Randy’ have on orange merino and black pants?

    Shudda use dem owna cane fi gi dem 2 raass lick! Damn disgusting!

    Good morning Met and metters

  2. How is this different with the Jamaican scamming relatives who claim they have all manner of ailments and call you overseas to send money so that they can go to the doctor (I thought health care was free in Jamaica)? Or that there was a fire at their apartment and need money to replace furniture and clothes. I must admit, I have been taken by these scams until I realize what’s going on and change my number.

  3. Shoddy,run down and almshouse healthcare is free.Quality healthcare costs a pretty penny in Jamaica.You have to pay even before the Doctor can see you and pay again when the Doc tells u what is wrong. Glad ur eyes opened up to the game they were running on u.

  4. well first ting,from dem describe randy an him a nuh chiney mi wudda know him nuh have nuh rass wholesale

  5. Senda sorry fi tell u dis but a mother mek herself get con cau she choose fi assume. U story dem always funny.

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