The God kind of peace
The peace that comes from God does not necessarily mean that all your needs have been met, trouble has ceased and everything is in its place in your life. Instead, the God kind of peace, is your decision to acknowledge God in all that’s going on and as a result this will generate that peace from him that passes all understanding in the midst of your challenges.

The scripture says, God will keep us in perfect peace (the word perfect in the text means complete) “IF” our minds are stayed or focused on him, Isaiah 26:3. The word “if” which is a conjunction in the above scripture is clearly indicating that the peace of God is always available but it will depend on us to be focus on God and not what’s going on around us in order to achieve this peace.

Say to yourself right now, “Lord you know that it is hard for me to keep my mind on you due to the overwhelming troubles coming at me and the many responsibilities that has encompassed me, aside from the enemies that has set themselves against me, Therefore I am asking you to assist me to remain focus on you and to see you in all that is happening around me all in an effort for me to be a candidate for your peace that passes all understanding that I so eagerly desire”.

“Lord you’ve said in your word that “ALL” things work together for good to those that love you and to those that are called according to your will, Lord I believe I have met your qualifications in this regard, so therefore I expect that these seemingly impossible and overwhelming matters will work out for my good in the name of your son and my savior Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
Posted by Kevin L A Ewing at 12:54 PM


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