Met I have the details of the gyal a Bronx, she want run down and MeK him a full up har head with pure lies, just so he can get her to spend on him. She knew I was messing with him b4 n me n her was kinda cool but she want big man, suh a dem things here fi reach har. Me hear say she always deh Pon road with child or she leave child fi go run backa him, all have her child up late a hours fi go check man. Omg she ugly and look like any donkey, deffo have some manish resemblance, maybe that’s why him like her, it’s not just woman stomach strong some man stomach strong fi sleep with some chick. Guess it don’t matter, when they getting spent on. She name out law berry that’s all me a say, go do u no research.
Met Ive never seen a man who love tek selfie so, me have the infamous Tito on my IG. I’ve always question his sexuality, after seeing the post about his antics and all the comments underneath a ask if him gay? I had to send in these pics. Met make the readers be the judge.











  1. Don’t Mek me dead. How him marga suh!! So a this body yah a mad the gyal them.???? . Deffo fish this. Look Pon the mouth too…

  2. out law berry just became _outlawberrz_ woooooe a she a One a d Bronx girl.. Met, you need fi go look Pon her yuh self . Closer to man than a woman. 😀 mnl….

          1. U no see dem a send u go research fi DI other person lol a how u say u good MECK mi caaaaa stop laff

          2. Di man tek picture a show all him collarbone why would I now need fi go further investigate ooman whey him a see whey look like man……………… a man dem fi go look fah because he r di girl

  3. But sender yuh used to mess wid him….so yuh never know him was fish. Yes him look fruity but that don’t stop unu from deh with him cause you tek him and now Berry taking him. So what’s the problem. Plus how old is Outlaw Berry cause you say she love big man…. but this man seems to be maybe 40 or so could be younger (cause batty peggings make yuh look old….allegedly) so she a real younging then. Smh

  4. This is berrie i have to speak my mind sender you sound hurt nuh bloodclott how u feel sitting behind your computer talking shit about a next female over a guy ???? All of this is petty everyone is entitled to their own opinion all i ever did was care for Terronie i never knew he was living this disgusting lifestyle its one thing to talk shit about me but dont bring my f**king child into this now i really wish i knew who sent this in so i can beat your f**king ass….im not the one at fault but typical simple minded females will basu the other female.

  5. Berrie shut the f**k up, Terronie don’t want you. Didn’t you realise that, yes him f**k fi Mek you feel nice and told you what you needed to hear so you could continue spending on him. Your soooo gullible I swear. You think it’s hard to say I love you to a gyal if them know that it will keep her spending. That’s exactly what happened to you. You shouldn’t have to spend Pon a man fi prove love and him nah do the same and even if he does spend Pon u it’s nothing fi feel nice bout. Go sit your ugly ass down.

  6. yall low life motherfu*kers need to leave the girl alone. How many time have you fell in love and been done wrong. She not at fault here, “yes it me” go suck yuh mother, I know deffo who you are. Instead of venting your issues with her on here and talking about her child why don’t you say it to her face? So she Can fuxk you da hell up. Tired of you Internet bullies.
    Why you guys mad she took your man? and the man nah look Pon unno no more, y’all gotta be observing from a distance.
    Miss me with this BS.

  7. Y’all bitches be mad at a girl that fell in love with a man, y’all need to stop acting like that shit ain’t never happened to you. “Yes it’s me” guh suck yuh mother, phuck you bringing an innocent child Into this for. You need to stop walk with yuh pussy pan you forehead and leave the girl alone, I deffo know who you are. Sad dumb ass hoe.

  8. Lord oh Lord terronie has a very big dick between those skinny ass legs of his. That’s why so many females a mad over him. He is very sweet with his choose of words, yet he has nothing to offer. He very mean and always complaining about not having any money. Am one girl who don’t mind man that why I head for the hills and never look back. He lives with his mother but she’s hardly home because she does homecare.

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