Met look like tiony lef the ugly big man weh she did deh wid other day and a take ppl man coz all the post she a post cyaa show him face lol fine out if somebody can pick up a who this fi mi nuh


2 thoughts on “THE HIDDEN MAN

  1. Lol TT cum run up in a dis n we wah see the man face ooo neva think dat deh old man did match u doe but we wah see a who fah man ya take so show the face to the way how u can bad up yo self u Fi can take ppl man n show face coz u wellll bad met u never gi it a better name

  2. Lol met you Neva gi it a better name to rass cum run up in a this TT coz we wah know a who fah man Hello can somebody anybody identify this person but he headless TT u so rasshole bad so u must can war if ya take a gyal man show we the man face r he is as ugly as the last one ?

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